3 drawbacks of L-shaped sofas and why you shouldn’t opt for them

There are so many aspects of interior design that one learns as they go through different aspects of space and how it makes all the difference to a home or office’s interiors. This qualifies for an interesting look into how even the choice of a sofa can make or break your home’s appearance.

In fact, if Lipi Moitra, interior stylist and creative consultant is to go by, you shouldn’t go for an L-shaped sofa. The allure of L-shaped sofas, while undeniably stylish, can be eclipsed by their bulk, added interior designer Punam Kalra, who is also the creative director of I’m the Centre for Applied Arts.

Why skip?

According to Moitra, there are three “solid reasons” to skip it altogether.

*L-shaped sofas are so bulky that they take up half of our living room space unnecessarily.
*Not more than three people can sit comfortably on it and most of the time, the L-portion goes to waste.
*It is quite expensive to get a sectional L-seater. “In the same price, you can manage a three-seater and a wing chair,” said Moitra in a post on Instagram.

Concurring, Kalra said that L-shaped sofas, while trendy and appealing with their versatility of design and use, often present a multitude of compelling reasons why they should not be your first choice for a living room.

Festive offer

“The colossal size and distinct shape of L-shaped sofas demand a generous floor area. This can be problematic if your living room space is limited. Ensuring that your room can comfortably embrace the L-shaped sofa without stifling the overall layout becomes a logistical concern of paramount importance,” said Kalra.

home decor Here’s how space makes all the difference (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

What more to consider?

The unique shape of L-shaped sofas poses a puzzle in terms of placement. According to Kalra, they restrict your freedom in arranging other furniture pieces and may clash with your room’s natural layout, creating an atmosphere that “feels awkward and unbalanced”. “Flexibility in configuring your living room space is hampered, constraining your design choices,” said Kalra.

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L-shaped sofas tend to seize the spotlight due to their imposing size and distinctive silhouette. “In smaller rooms or spaces where subtlety and minimalism are coveted, these sofas disrupt the desired ambiance. Achieving a harmonious, unobtrusive look becomes an arduous task, overshadowed by their visual dominance,” mentioned Kalra.

What works better?

According to Moitra, just adding a few pouffes, ottomans, and stools to increase seating and throwing in a cute accent chair (read: grabs attention) is the perfect recipe for a stunning living room ever!

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