50+ customers file complaints against Flowers Flooring over uncompleted projects

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Customers of Flowers Flooring continue to contact WBTV, claiming they paid deposits for flooring and carpet work, but the company never completed the jobs.

Former employees said they stopped getting paid in July, but according to customers, the company was still promising them they would start jobs in August.

According to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, 51 customers have filed complaints against the company. As of just last week, the number of complaints was 16.

Most customers reported paying deposits of a few thousand dollars.

In one complaint filed, a customer paid a deposit of almost $16,000, with no new floors to show for it.

Customers like Tom Jacobik said they chose Flowers Flooring because they had worked with the team previously. He said he had a positive experience working with the company in January.

“It was a really good, seamless process,” Jacobik said. “They did a very good job, we were very pleased with the work.”

When he hired them for a second job in August and paid a $3,600 deposit, he said no one showed up.

“My daughter was supposed to be on her way to ECU,” he said. “She stayed here for an extra day just to meet with them and help them out, [but] no answers.”

According to state records, this is not owner Jeremy Flowers’ only business.

He is also registered as the owner of Flowers Painting LLC, Discounted Flooring LLC and Flowers Forestry Mulching LLC, which formed in March of this year.

WBTV’s Caroline Hicks contacted the mulching company and left a voicemail, but did not receive a response.

“The thing for me, was to get the floor down, because we were living out of suitcases,” Jacobik said.

He hired someone else to floor his master bedroom, but said he wants someone to be held accountable.

“People that had confidence in you, trusted you to do a job,” he said. “It’s cruel and you should be embarrassed.”

According to federal records, Flowers Flooring accepted a PPP loan of $188,723 in 2020.

The showrooms in Cornelius and Winston-Salem still appear to be closed and the phones are disconnected. The company’s website has also been taken down.

If you are a victim of Flowers Flooring, you can file a complaint online with the Attorney General’s Office by clicking here.

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