7 Cute Barbiecore Decor Items Perfect For Sprucing Up Your Home

The newest trend, “Barbiecore,” has swept the nation and inspired everyone to embody what it means to wear pink or incorporate it throughout their lives. According to TODAY, the Barbiecore trend is defined as bright and vibrant, mirroring pink. Still, it also means channeling a confident attitude, inspiring you to exude happiness almost infectiously. 

Although the trend began to become popular in fashion communities, interior designers and decor enthusiasts also hopped onto the fun and flirty trend. While the concept is rooted mainly in pink, it encourages you to think outside the box to celebrate your boldness, confidence, creativity, and uniqueness. 

When applying the Barbiecore trend to your home, think of decorative access like sparkly throw pillows, pink table lamps, or metallic plant holders. The best thing about this trend is that it stretches your imagination and inspires you to be more daring with your design choices. We’ve rounded up the best Barbiecore decor for your home to get you started.

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