7 Pretty Fence Paint Color Ideas

Think beyond the white picket fence.

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The white picket fence has long been a symbol of the classic American home. While it’s definitely a reliable choice that’s super versatile, we love a fence doused in a punchy, eye-catching color. Here, seven options that’ll hopefully inspire you to step up your curb appeal game and help your home stand out from the crowd. 

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Any Shade of Green

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Green is all the rage, probably because biophilic design is such a huge trend at the moment. Depending on the shade you pick, it might actually work well with your home’s exterior, because it’d tie in the surrounding natural elements. Behr’s Eastern Bamboo or Behr’s Wasabi are solid color options, but if you’d prefer something a little more subtle, Dunn-Edwards’s Pebble Walk is an elegant choice.

Dark and Moody Blues

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These deeply saturated shades of blue are extremely popular right now in the paint world, because they add a level of sophistication to a home without being a costly expense. Plus, they hide dirt well, especially on exterior surfaces like fences. We love colors like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy and Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue.

Hello, Yellow!

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Bright yellows are sure to brighten up your home—they exude a special kind of warmth and optimism. Sure, it’s a bold hue but if you go with something that has some depth, like Damask Gold from Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball’s Babouche, it’ll feel a little more elevated. 

Purple Picks

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Okay, so purple is a hard sell, we know. But, it’s a color associated with royalty! (Who doesn’t want to be royal?!) And if you pick just the right shade, it could help your home stand out in a good way—and you’ll prove to people that purple can work if done right! Purples we’re ogling over include Bon Vivant by Valspar and Powder Lilac by Behr, which has a heavy gray undertone if you need something more tame.

Classic Red

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Red might seem a little adventurous for exteriors, but it’s actually a beautiful, classic shade when you think about those big, traditional red barns and farmhouses. It adds a rustic charm. If you’re nervous the color will be too loud, try richer, deeper shades of reds like Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore or Red Bay by Sherwin Williams.

Sleek and Modern Black

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A black fence is timeless and will look especially classy especially when it surrounds a lush green garden. Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is a go-to for many designers and DIYers.

All the Pinks

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Yes, we said pink. If you really want to be the talk of the town, or possibly just pay homage to Barbie (respect!), a cheery pink fence will do the job. Of course, this might be a color that fits tropical settings best, but we love the idea of a cream-colored cottage in the Northeast lined with a soft pink fence. Pinks we’re obsessed with right now are Misty Rose by Benjamin Moore and Behr’s Noble Blush.

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