8 AANHPI-Owned Home Decor Brands You Need to Know About ASAP

May is Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and one of the many ways you can show your support is by shopping from AANHPI-owned brands. If you’ve been looking for some new home decor, we’ve rounded up everything from South Asian home decor and Japanese-styled cast iron essentials to vibrant glass dishware and city prints to help you shop this month.

Below, we’re sharing 8 AANHPI-owned home decor brands that are taking over the home space with their thoughtful collections.

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Founded by Mark Fuqua and Erica Luo, EMME focuses on Asian representation by bringing Asian-inspired scents to the home fragrance space.

Started in 2020, the pair decided to create candles that would encompass the essence of Asian heritage and help others reminisce on nostalgic memories of their upbringing. Their scents include a variety of options including durian, rice, and bamboo. A few of their best-selling candles are pandan, ube, and lychee.

<p>Marble Lotus</p><p>Marble Lotus</p>

Marble Lotus was created by Soni Mehra who’s based in San Francisco, California. An Indian-American owned business, the brand is inspired by South Asian home decor and offers a curated assortment of products on its retail website.

Additionally, Marble Lotus has its own private design label: Marble Lotus Original. Ranging from furniture and lighting to mirrors and furniture, there is a plethora of vibrant home decor options to shop from. Regardless of your home’s design style, you’ll find a piece that fits right in.

<p>Felicia Liang</p><p>Felicia Liang</p>

Based in the Bay Area in California, Felicia Liang creates one-of-a-kind prints and art decor on Etsy. Featuring designs that incorporate Asian-American culture, her work surrounds her own personal exploration of being Taiwanese-American.

Felicia’s prints are both animated and vivid, showcasing Asian cooking ingredients, lifestyle, and culture.


MahinaMade, a Native Hawaiian woman-owned brand, was founded by Kailee Freitas. The brand was created in 2017 to preserve and honor Hawaiian ancestry.

Creating a wide array of products including accessories and clothing, they additionally offer home decor goods including shower curtains and fragrances. MahinaMade’s Ku’ulei room spray immediately brings Hawaiian scents into any part of your home and highlights notes of pikake, pua, guava, and gardenia.

The brand’s shower curtain includes its signature Pua Kenikeni design which is inspired by Kailee’s childhood memories.

<p>Sacha Raps</p><p>Sacha Raps</p>

Sacha Raps, a Filipino-American owned brand, goes by the slogan “Manila roots, New York fruits.” While creating her products, Sacha Carlos-Raps, uses glass as the medium to reflect on the idea of self and challenge the narratives surrounding identity, particularly being an immigrant in America.

The brand’s colorful glass pieces are both vibrant and eclectic, consisting of wall decor, side plates, serving dishes, and drink charms.

<p>O-M Ceramic</p><p>O-M Ceramic</p>

Carrie Lau, an artist, founded the design and ceramic studio, O-M Ceramic. O-M, which stands for Object Matter, has a minimal yet exuberant aesthetic that’s inspired by Carrie’s traveling experiences, as well as cultural and artistic expressions of Hong Kong and California.

Her lively, contemporary creations range from art objects, mugs, dishware, textiles, vases, wall sculptures, and more.

<p>Miya Company</p><p>Miya Company</p>

First beginning as a mom and pop store in NYC in 1947, Miya Company is now a third-generation Asian American family-owned business.

It has an incredible amount of uniquely crafted tableware that can bring modern Japanese style into any home. The brand also offers bento sets, teaware, and cast iron kitchen essentials. Currently operated by Mr. Miya’s nephew, Miya Company is dedicated to finding Japanese-designed pieces and sharing them with others.

<p>Material Kitchen</p><p>Material Kitchen</p>

Simplistic and thoughtful, Material Kitchen offers kitchenware that’s functional and efficient.

Founded by Korean and Vietnamese friends, Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen, the brand intends to create elevated, long-lasting, and practical equipment for anyone who wants to cook and enjoy making their meals.

Expressing their Asian upbringing around cooking and family feasts, the co-founders have created products that allow others to savor the creative moments in the kitchen. One of Material Kitchen’s best-selling items is The reBoard and The reBoard mini which are made of sustainable materials.

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