8 Ceiling Paint Color Trends to Consider for Your Next Home Refresh

Painting the ceiling is often an afterthought and a missed design opportunity. “I think the ceiling is the fifth wall, and it has to be addressed,” says Jaime Galapo, president of Galapo Group Design, LLC in Parkland, Florida. “It makes the room feel complete and whole,” she adds. 

Rooms with painted ceilings can also appear more expansive with less distinct lines and edges, especially when the same color is applied throughout the space. “The biggest trend I’m seeing is matching the ceiling color to the walls,” says Amy Krane, architectural color consultant and owner of New York-based Amy Krane Color. She says it’s been more recently called “color drenching” but has been around for a long time.

Krane says “color creates drama,” so she’s not surprised to see an uptick in color on dining room ceilings, a space predominately used for evening gatherings. She’s also seeing more ceiling colors in the powder room. “Often lacking fenestration, it’s a great approach to treat your powder room like a little jewel box, emphasizing its uniqueness vis a vis other public rooms by amping up the color and drama in there,” she says. Ceiling color also works great as a complement to wallpaper. “When wallpaper is used on all four walls, it’s often nice to pull the background color out of it and use it on the ceiling,” says Krane. 

Whether opting for the same tone on the walls and ceilings or contrasting the two, it’s essential to be thoughtful when choosing a ceiling paint color. “Colors are always perceived in conjunction with those around them, so it’s all about how well the combination works,” says Krane. “You don’t want the ceiling to appear to belong to a different space or like an after-thought.” She says other important factors are “ceiling height, the natural light in the room, and when you most often use the room.” When selecting a color, Krane advises: “Always hold the paint chip over your head, parallel to the floor to audition any color for the ceiling, as the angle the light hits the color will change its appearance.”

With so many paint options, choosing the right color for the ceiling can be difficult. These ceiling paint color trends can help get your inspiration flowing. 

1. Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore

Photo: homedepot.com

“White or off-white on ceilings is classic and will never go out of style,” says Krane, who recommends skipping the standard ‘ceiling white’ sold at stores. She says white on the ceiling gives a “sense of openness and airiness, which is a very natural sensation for humans.”  

Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore offers airiness without being cold. “Swiss Coffee has the slightest bit of warmth, giving it more of a creamy undertone,” says Arianna Barone, color marketing manager at Benjamin Moore. She loves the hue for its versatility, adding: “It works beautifully with a wide range of colors without being too stark or cold.”

Best For: Swiss Coffee is a versatile white that will work well in most spaces, but is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to bedrooms.

2. Moonlight White, Benjamin Moore

A kitchen with a large island and tools and white ceiling.

Not all whites are created equal or will work well with the adjacent walls. “No matter what color you choose for the ceiling, even white, it’s important to tie it into the wall color with intention,” says Krane.  

For a white option that’s a bit softer, Barone recommends a slightly darker white paint like Moonlight White. “Pairing Moonlight White with a brighter white paint color helps bring out its silvery green undertone,” she says.

Best For: Moonlight White is ideal for those looking for a warmer white to complement adjacent brighter whites. 

3. Whitened Sage, Behr 

A kitchen and laundry room with a light sage colored ceiling.
Photo: homedepot.com

Offering just a hint of color, Whitened Sage from Behr is white with a slight gray-green tint. Erika Woelfel, VP of color and creative services at Behr Paint Company says she likes to recommend this color for the ceiling when the goal is to achieve a calming vibe. An excellent choice for those looking to create a nature-inspired palette, the company says the color “epitomizes the essence of gently air-dried herbs wafting through open, naturally lit rooms.”

Best For: Whitened Sage is great for bathrooms and bedrooms to achieve a sense of calm.

4. Smoke, Benjamin Moore

A large kitchen with light blue ceiling.
Photo: benjaminmoore.com

“Light blues are popular ceiling choices as they echo a clear sky and create a calming ambiance,” says Barone. “They allow you to bring in a splash of color without disrupting the overall color scheme and can help make rooms feel larger and more expansive.” She recommends Smoke by Benjamin Moore for creating a relaxing vibe in any space with its blend of blue, green, and gray. 

Best For: Smoke is ideal for any room where you’re looking to create a relaxing mood without sacrificing brightness.

5. Half Sea Fog, Behr 

Modern bathroom with blue and gray tone ceiling.
Photo: homedepot.com

For a blue with a gray tone, Half Sea Fog by Behr evokes a subtle beachy feel. Woelfel describes the color as a calming, quiet blue-gray. The hue, which is based on sea mist, would be a perfect ceiling color for a space adorned in coastal décor.

Best For: Half Sea Fog is perfect for coastal decor or in any space that could use a bright and relaxing tone overhead.

6. Gloucester Sage, Benjamin Moore

A small bedroom with dark sage ceiling and a brick wall.
Photo: whitespaint.com

“Over the past few years, greens have become an alternative to neutrals and grays,” says Barone, adding, “Gloucester Sage is a deep, moody green with notes of gray and brown, bringing a cozy but classic look when painted on the ceiling.” She describes the color as adaptable to a variety of styles and settings. 

Best For: Gloucester Sage will look great in a room with plenty of light to offset the moodier color and in more intimate spaces to achieve a cozier look. 

7. Golden Thread, Behr 

A light yellow painted yoga room with a large circular window.
Photo: homedepot.com

“Ceilings are the creative canvas in all-white traditional rooms where an unexpected ‘wow’ factor can be added with a bold color,” says Woelfel. For a vibrant pop of color, she likes to recommend Behr’s Golden Thread. The delicate yellow hue helps create a bright, sunny feeling. 

Best For: Golden Thread would look great in a bathroom or playroom with its bright and uplifting tone.

8. Odessa Pink, Benjamin Moore

A clear chair in front of a pale pink wall.
Photo: benjaminmoore.com

Part of Benjamin Moore‘s historical color collection, Odessa Pink is a timeless hue that would work well with varying styles. “I just designed a country living room with a large stone fireplace using Benjamin Moore’s Odessa pink,” says Krane, who drenched the muted earthy pink on the walls, trim, and ceiling. She opted for a matte sheen for the walls, satin for trim, windows and doors, and flat for the ceiling. 

Best For: Odessa Pink is versatile, making it suitable for most any space, especially when used on multiple surfaces.

9. Studio Green, Farrow & Ball

A bedroom with dark green walls and ceiling.
Photo: farrow-ball.com

“I have continued a dark wall color onto the ceiling when I wanted to create a clubby or cosseted feeling in the room,” says Krane, who also warns that “ceiling height is important here because you can go from cozy to cave-like really fast.”

Studio Green by Farrow & Ball is a rich forest green that is perfect for a warm and moody space. In certain lights, it can appear almost black, so make sure to test it first to see if it will achieve the desired look. 

Best For: Perfect for an office, library, or dining room, Studio Green creates a warm and moody look. 

10. Tricorn Black, Sherwin-Williams

Tricorn black painted walls in a living room.
Photo: sherwin-williams.com

Ideal for a cozy study or intimate bedroom, Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams will make a statement in any space. In rooms with a high ceiling, black can strengthen the connection between the floor and walls. The hue would also work well on a tray or coffered ceiling. Krane says the architecture of a ceiling with various insets and beams calls for a multi-toned look.

Best For: Tricorn black is great for high ceilings or in a cozy study.