8 Paint Colors You Should Try Based on Your Favorite Makeup Products

Look to your beauty collection for color inspiration.

Just like choosing the right shade of foundation is paramount to any makeup look, the right paint color lays the design groundwork for a room. If you’re looking to refresh your space but need a little color inspiration, look no further than your makeup bag or vanity drawers. We’ve taken iconic makeup products—including a classic red lipstick, dramatic black mascara, and everyone’s favorite peachy-pink blush—and found the perfect paint colors to match.

A fresh coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to give a room a quick makeover. It affects lighting, conveys style, and highlights the home’s architectural features. Plus, it’s an easy opportunity to get creative and add personality to a space. If you’re ready to add a splash of color to your home, browse these makeup-inspired picks for a fresh look that’s sure to fit your style.

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk: Creamy Red-Pink

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Use Rouge by Benjamin Moore for a luxuriously creamy blend of red, pink, and coral. Like Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Pillow Talk lipstick, which is known for being a universally flattering shade, this unique paint color possesses an inviting warmth and effortless familiarity. Pair it with warm whites and sandy tones, such as White Dove or Sailcloth to soften it. Or, embrace the rich color by layering it against lighter pinks for a monochromatic look.

Paint Color: Rouge by Benjamin Moore

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Diorshow Mascara: Deep Black

<p>Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams</p>

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

If you love the drama that the Diorshow mascara delivers, infuse your home with the same volume of bold energy using Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a true black with no obvious undertones, which gives this classic ultimate versatility. Use the timeless black paint color to refresh your front door, on built-in bookshelves for a moody atmosphere, or on a dining room accent wall to create dramatic contrast.

Paint Color: Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams

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Fenty Beauty: Bold Purple

<p>Courtesy of Glidden</p>

Glidden’s Purple Cabbage delivers color and drama the same way Fenty’s bold eyeshadows do. This dark fuchsia purple has a magenta undertone and packs a punch whether you use it in a formal dining room or a stylish home office. Purple tones can be tricky to incorporate, but look stunning when done well. Pair this shade with light woods, tone-on-tone neutrals, and soft and cozy textures for an updated take on purple.

Paint Color: Purple Cabbage by Glidden

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NARS Blush: Peachy Pink

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Add a splash of peachy-pink with Old World by Benjamin Moore which is a perfect color match to everyone’s favorite NARS blush. Like the makeup icon, this bright hue is elegant yet playful, light but timeless. Emphasize the paint color’s warmth with brass accents that resemble the blush’s golden shimmer and add a modern edge by pairing the coral hue with crisp white and charcoal tones.

Paint Color: Old World by Benjamin Moore

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Urban Decay Naked Half-Baked Palette: Golden Brown

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Channel the warmth of Urban Decay’s ultra-popular Naked Half-Baked eyeshadow palette using Golden Retriever by Benjamin Moore. A golden brown that’s deeply saturated and grounded, this earthy shade has a timeless quality and pairs well with warm, rusty tones, dark woods, and cozy linens.

Paint Color: Golden Retriever by Benjamin Moore

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick: Bold Red

<p>Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams</p>

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

A red lip has the power to transform an entire outfit— and a bold red paint color will do the same for your home. Take inspiration from one of MAC’s most popular lipsticks, Ruby Woo, and add bold energy with Real Red by Sherwin-Williams. If you want to experiment with this dramatic shade without committing to an all-over room color, use it on an accent wall and add plenty of light or neutral accents to tone down the saturation.

Paint Color: Real Red by Sherwin-Williams

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Lancome’s Juicy Tube Lip Gloss: Youthful Pink

<p>Courtesy of Behr</p>

Give your walls a refreshing update with Behr’s Energetic Pink that’s as fun and playful as Lancome’s Juicy Tube lip shades. Like the throwback lip gloss, this soft rosy shade brightens and exudes a youthful feel. Create a color block design for a whimsical wall accent that embodies the paint color’s fresh and modern essence.

Paint Color: Energetic Pink by Behr

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Too Faced Chocolate Matte Bronzer: Warm Tan

<p>Courtesy of Behr</p>

Bring in the golden, sandy tones of Too Faced’s matte bronzers with a fresh coat of Coconut Shell by Behr. This warm neutral evokes memories of beach vacations and is an elegant choice for a formal space such as a living or dining room. It looks especially sophisticated when paired with crisp white trim and decorative molding.

Paint Color: Coconut Shell by Behr

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