Aesthetic Flower Vases Amazon

Aesthetic Flower Vases Amazon

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If you know where to look, you can find stylish home decor, furniture, and accent pieces at Amazon—without spending all your coin. As a professional Amazon shopper, I’ve got lots of practice uncovering diamonds in the rough on the mega-retailer’s back pages. This month, I’ve been on the hunt for stylish flower vases and planters to bring some life back into my home decor collection. Like any self-respecting millennial, I also have a thriving indoor garden to tend.

So, I went to work looking for flower vases and planter pots worthy of receiving pride of place in my home. My goal was to find home decor pieces that don’t look like they were purchased on Amazon. Scroll through below to check out my picks.

Home Habitat Nordic Vases (Set of 2)

I love the combination of curves and straight lines in this duo of Nordic vases, which have a unique geometric shape. They have a speckled ceramic exterior and are stylish enough to set out on a coffee or kitchen table. At the same time, the neutral colors won’t draw too much attention, letting your flowers take center stage. These vases will pair perfectly with sculptural candles, which have become super popular in recent years. And, the smaller vase will also come in handy for short-stemmed flowers.

Rhapsody Studio Ceramic Vase

’70s-inspired design has been really popular among the Etsy set lately, and this matte ceramic vase would be a gorgeous addition to any bohemian home. Rhapsody Studio is one of those hidden gems on Amazon I mentioned earlier, and they have more vases and throw pillows worth a closer look too. Vintage Inspired Orange Juice Vase is best known for its colorful journals and planners (which I also love), and the brand has expanded its Amazon storefront to include retro drinkware and vases. My favorite is this artist-designed ceramic vase, which looks like a retro carton of orange juice.

Female Form Vase

Down from $30

This cheeky vase’s color is officially called “Blush Pink Bottom,” and that pretty much says it all. The female form is a popular subject in art and home decor—as it should be—and this elegant planter is sure to be a conversation starter. Some people might say it’s tacky or in poor taste, but I can’t think of a subject more worthy of admiration.

Woodland Pulse Boho Planter Pot

This asymmetrical planter pot comes from a design studio called Woodland Pulse. Based in Oklahoma City, this family-owned small business makes unique modern planters made from 3D-printed recycled wood. Not only can this planter hold your new succulent or snake plant, but it can also double as an aromatherapy diffuser.

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