Arizona contractor has license revoked after 18 complaints; what we know

PHOENIX (AZFamily) —The company’s name is Healthy Home Flooring, but its business track record isn’t healthy at all.

Just in the past 4 months, Healthy Home Flooring has racked up 18 complaints with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. So, the agency has put them out of business by revoking their license.

Shane Dodd is a Queen Creek homeowner who recently did business with Healthy Home Flooring and regrets it.

“I started doing my own investigations and my stomach turned and I go ‘What did I just do?’” he said when he noticed all the online consumer complaints.

A month ago, Shane decided to replace his worn-out carpeting. In fact, pictures he took showed where his pets had clawed and damaged the edges.

“With animals tracking in and out there was just some wear and tear on the carpet,” Shane said

So, Shane hired Healthy Home Flooring and purchased new carpeting for $4,200. During the process, Shane says the company encouraged him to finance the project using Synchrony Home, a finance company.

“So, they (Health Home Flooring) say hey, you guys can finance and take advantage of our 12 month interest free and pay it off in 12 months.”

But after financing the $4,200 purchase, Shane says Healthy Home Flooring never showed up, and when he calls the flooring company, he says to go straight to voice mail.

As a result, Shane says he was forced into hiring and paying another carpet company, which came right out to his home and installed new carpeting in several bedrooms.

However, get this. Even though Healthy Home Flooring never delivered the carpeting and is reportedly dodging him, Shane says he is still held responsible for paying Synchrony for the $4,200 he financed.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because On Your Side exposed the flooring company in January when they failed to deliver carpeting to John Arnold but stuck him with a $9,000 bill they convinced him to finance through Synchrony.

At the time, Harper asked him, “You’re being billed for a product that you don’t even have. What do you think about that?.” John replied, “It doesn’t feel good. It feels like someone is taking us for a ride.”

On Your Side was able to resolve that issue by contacting Synchrony. After contacting the finance company, he agreed to zero out his balance.

But that brings us back to Shane. He recently filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and he’s not alone. The agency just recently moved to suspend Healthy Home Flooring’s license immediately due to a whopping 18 consumer complaints this year alone. And then, the contracting board had had enough.

This week, AZ ROC went ahead and revoked the license for Healthy Home Flooring.

On Your Side tried calling Healthy Home Flooring several times. We wanted to know why they had so many complaints, but we always got their voicemail. So, we went to the address listed on their contracts.

When we arrived, their office appeared permanently locked, their warehouse was empty, and the only things we found were a few work trucks. One truck appeared to have had a flat tire for some time.

For now, Shane is still stuck with that $4,200 Healthy Home Flooring persuaded him to finance.

As of this news report, On Your Side has been in contact with Synchrony. On Your Side has forwarded all of Shane’s information and documentation from other viewers who have the same issue with Healthy Home Flooring.

On Your Side is asking the finance company to waive their balances since the consumers received nothing and the flooring company is out of business.

Although Healthy Home Flooring’s website is still running, Shane hopes no one else is doing business with the company. He says he wishes he knew then, but he knows now.

“Definitely, do your homework. Go to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website to if they’re licensed, go to Google reviews.”

We’ll let you know what happens in a follow-up On Your Side report.

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