Best smart home security system with no monthly fee in 2023

Home security systems with no monthly fee deliver many of the benefits of a professional home security system without a contract or cost. Set up and configure the smart security devices supplied, then monitor your home security system yourself, using a dedicated app or a connected alarm to deter intruders. With so many of these smart devices and packages to choose from, it can be difficult to know which security system will be best for your property. To help you, I’ve rounded up a selection of the best smart home security systems with no monthly fee.

Secure your home with the best smart home security systems with no monthly fee

SimpliSafe 12-Piece Wireless Home Security System including hub, keypad, keyfob, sensors, entry monitors, panic button, and HD camera

SimpliSafe 12-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Best overall

Comprehensive home security to give you confidence

SimpliSafe’s Wireless Home Security System delivers robust motion alert alarm coverage with the addition of a SimpliCam for visual coverage. You can also upgrade to professional monitoring with automated notifications sent to your phone.


  • Camera live feed sent to your phone
  • Motion and entry sensors
  • Sensor battery life of up to 5 years

  • Subscription required for app-based control and notifications
  • Key fob batteries can’t be replaced

SimpliSafe’s 12-piece wireless home security system provides everything needed to protect a medium-sized home straight out of the box. But what’s most impressive is the inclusion of an indoor SimpliCam, usually pretty expensive on its own.

SimpliSafe’s home security kit is easy to set up and configure. Once the base station is plugged in and the battery tabs are pulled on the keypad, sensors, and monitors, the home security network will go live with no contract or monthly fees. The SimpliSafe keypad can be used to set a PIN code and pair and label the sensors, with all actions audibly confirmed by the base station.

Another great reason for choosing SimpliSafe is that it understands that privacy is just as important as security. Their indoor camera is one of the few models on the market with a stainless steel privacy shutter that automatically blocks the camera feed when you’re home. SimpliSafe uses industry-leading security standards, including 256-bit encryption, so data won’t get into the wrong hands.

The only wrinkle with this decent DIY home security system is the not-so-subtle nudge to upgrade to a SimpliSafe plan with recurring fees. Without a plan, there’s no network control, and notifications can’t be received via the smartphone app, leaving alarm-based cover only. But this is optional, and you can use SimpliSafe with no monthly fees.

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit on a white background including Alarm Pro Base Station Keypad Door/Window Contact Sensors (x4) Motion Detector Alarm Range Extender

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd Gen)

Premium pick

Whole home security with Wi-Fi 6 included

Ring Alarm’s 8-piece home security system not only delivers robust alarm-based protection of your home but also provides secure Wi-Fi 6 coverage via an integrated Eero mesh router in its base station. Upgrade to a Ring Protect Pro package for professional monitoring and smartphone notifications.


  • Easy setup and onboarding of sensors and cameras
  • 250-foot coverage between sensors and base station
  • Base station doubles as Eero Wi-Fi 6 router (some models)

  • Subscription required for app-based notifications
  • Only one motion detector provided

Home security expert, Ring, has a great reputation for reliable home security solutions that are easy to install and manage. The stand-out feature of this recent-release 8-piece kit is its next-generation alarm base station that includes an Eero Wi-Fi 6 mesh router.

Ring is currently blazing a trail in smart home integration, and the inclusion of a router gives this 8-piece kit a unique edge over its competitors. Wi-Fi integration not only increases the robustness of your home security network but also makes it even easier to identify and pair Ring cameras, smart home devices like Alexa, and third-party accessories from Dome Siren, Yale Assure, and First Alert.

Ring’s thoughtful details, like tool-free installation, 24-hour battery backup for power outages, and sensors with a minimum three-year battery life, make this system a great choice. The only caveat is that upgrading to a Ring Protect Pro subscription is required to receive security notifications on your smartphone.

OSI 14-Piece Smart Home Security System

OSI 14-Piece Wireless Smart Home Security System

Best value

Plentiful sensors plus a touchscreen control panel

OSI’s 14-Piece Wireless Smart Home Security System provides fee-free reliable cover for a large home. Ample sensor numbers and powerful sirens deliver a strong deterrent to intruders, with seamless monitoring and control via the Wi-Fi LCD alarm panel or smartphone app.


  • Numerous motion and entry sensors provided
  • Multiple ways to arm and disarm system
  • LCD touchscreen panel

  • Not compatible with OSI security cameras
  • SIM card required for SMS notifications

This 14-piece security system from smart security experts OSI delivers outstanding value for money, with enough motion and entry sensors to protect a single-family home. The kit includes not one but two sirens so you can set up an effective alarm deterrent in different parts of your property.

Everything in OSI’s system is connected to its unique Wi-Fi Alarm panel with an intuitive touch-screen display. It has impressive wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi and a cellular backup (SIM card and data plan required) to transfer notifications to the Smart Life App for DIY remote monitoring and control.

You can grow this network by adding additional OSI sensors. It also integrates beautifully with Google Home or Alexa to arm and disarm the system by voice. If this system included cameras, it would be formidable but OSI’s cameras cannot be directly connected. A decent workaround is to connect any cameras you install to the Smart Life App.

Honeywell Home Smart Home Security Starter Kit including ‎a camera base station, 2 access sensors, and a remote-control key fob

Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit

Best budget buy

Competent home security at an accessible price

The Honeywell Home Smart Home Security Starter Kit is an affordable solution for DIY home security. Start your home security network with contract-free audio, video, and motion monitoring via the Honeywell Home app.


  • Camera and audio monitoring via the base station
  • Automated app-based video notifications
  • Additional indoor and outdoor sensors are available

  • No professional monitoring upgrade
  • Limited coverage without additional sensors

Honeywell has a great reputation for home technology, so the competitive price point of this smart home security kit is a nice surprise. If you’re looking to protect your home on a budget, the Honeywell Home smart home security system gets you started with an HD camera base station, a key fob, and entry sensors for windows and doors.

The installation is straightforward. All you needed to do is plug in and place the camera base station in a central spot where maximum visual coverage is needed. It was quick and easy to use the Honeywell Home smartphone app to pair devices, configure, and control the network from a phone. This is just a starter kit, so you’ll need to purchase and onboard other Honeywell Home security devices, like indoor and outdoor MotionViewers and Honeywell’s Smart Home Security Motion Sensors, to achieve proper coverage of your home.

The base station not only relays 30-second video clips to smartphones when triggered but could also monitor and record audio. This is because it has Alexa built-in, though this may be a little too ambitious as there are limited integrations for this system.

Arlo All-in-One Home Security System including All-in-One Sensor with 8 detection functions, keypad hub and yard sign

Arlo Home Security System

Best sensors

One-of-a-kind sensors for intelligent and responsive home security

Arlo’s 8-in-1 sensors detect diverse threats, allowing you to build a highly-customized smart home security system. Use the programmable sensors with the Arlo Secure app for intuitive DIY monitoring and control of your home security network.


  • Unique sensor design with smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Easy to arm and disarm the security system via the keypad or app
  • Smartphone notifications included

  • Sensor sensitivity is high, triggering false alarms
  • Adding Arlo cameras can be difficult
  • Not compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant

The Arlo Home Security System takes a different approach to home security that’s focused on its unique 8-in-1 sensors that detect events LIKE entry, flooding, carbon monoxide release, and ambient light changes. These customizable All-In-One sensors can be precision-calibrated in seconds via the Secure by Arlo smartphone app.

Despite the sophistication of its sensors, the Arlo Home Security system’s setup is surprisingly uncomplicated. Just plug in the keypad hub and use the Secure by Arlo app to connect the hub to my home Wi-Fi network, and set up a PIN for arming and disarming the network.

Arlo delivers a great system, but there are a couple of snags. The system isn’t integration friendly, so your Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant can’t play. Also, the smoke and carbon monoxide detection sensor function is restricted unless you subscribe to Arlo’s professional monitoring service


Abode 8 Piece Wireless Security System including hub, keyfob, motion sensors, door and window sensors

Abode 8-Piece Wireless Security System

Best for scaling

Home security essentials that integrate with everything

This 8-piece security system by Abode provides a solid start for building a robust home security network. The central security hub can handle up to 160 sensors, detectors, and cameras for a completely bespoke system.


  • Easy to add additional sensors
  • Additional key fobs available
  • Cellular backup if Wi-Fi connectivity fails

  • No camera is included in this kit
  • Minimal customer support

If you’re a veteran smart home tech owner, you’ll immediately love Abode’s modular DIY home security system that scales and customizes effortlessly. The hub, key fob, and six sensors supplied are just the beginning of an agile and responsive network that can shoulder more than 150 sensor and camera wireless connections.

Like other smart home security systems, Abode pushes automated notifications to its partner app, so you can monitor your home yourself without a monthly fee. After plugging in the supplied hub and connecting it to the Wi-Fi router via the supplied Ethernet cable, just enter the hub’s activation code into the Abode app to start pairing and installing sensors.

Abode is known for its integrations, and there shouldn’t be any problems getting the 8-piece wireless security system to shake hands with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa. This formidable security system can also become part of an IFTTT super network that brings all your smart home devices under one roof. A professional monitoring service is available, but Abode’s contract-free package does just fine without it.

Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit including hub, keypad, motion sensor, and entry sensors

Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit

Best for simple setup

Fuss-free functional home security

This 5-piece smart home security system is easy to set up, run, and scale using the Eufy Security app. The starter kit provides reliable alarm cover that can be upgraded to include Eufy’s 24/7 professional monitoring service.


  • EufyCam and additional sensors can be added
  • Instant notifications via the smartphone app
  • Change sensor sensitivity via the app

  • Too few sensors are provided
  • Encryption issues have affected Eufy cameras

If, at this point, you’re still undecided about a smart security system, Eufy might be a good fit. Eufy’s no-frills five-piece home security kit provides competent, cost-effective home security that is primarily for self-monitoring. The HomeBase base station, keypad and three sensors included are just enough to protect the main thoroughfares of a small home with no monthly fee, which is great if you’re renting.

This system’s installation is not tool-free; the kit includes screw-in mounting plates for the keypad and sensors. Alternatively, you can grab some Command Strips and stick them in place. If you need to replace batteries in the sensor or keypad, just unclip them from their mounts to get access. The Eufy app has intuitive, graphics-rich instructions and settings, so it doesn’t take long to identify and pair the base station, keypad, and sensors. Eufy uses Wi-Fi to transfer real-time notifications over the internet to its app for real-time monitoring, management, and arming of the network.

You can add Eufy security cameras and additional sensors to grow your home network when you’re ready. However, if you add security cameras, opt for the most recent models that are free of the encryption issues that have recently affected Eufy.

GRISICO 9-Piece Wireless Home Alarm Kit including siren, keyfob, keypad, entry sensors, and motion sensors

Source: GRSICO

GRSICO 9-Piece Wireless Home Alarm Kit

Best upgrade-free

Plug-and-play home security with no strings attached

GRSICO’s wireless home alarm kit delivers competent alarm-based home security straight out of the box, using a smartphone app as the network hub. Receive instant alarm and sensor notifications on your smartphone with zero contracts or upgrades necessary.


  • Zero contracts or upgrades
  • Adding additional sensors is easy
  • Sensor battery life of over one year

  • Sensor range is limited
  • Sensors don’t detect entry unless armed

GRSICO isn’t a major brand, but it delivers a great-value standalone smart home security system that you can try without spending a lot of money or getting entangled in contracts. GRSICO’s system is a great pick because it is fully functional with zero tie-ins to other services and subscriptions.

The 9-piece kit packs in smart home security essentials like a corded siren hub, keypad, and sensors. You can set everything up within minutes using the SmartLife app to name, pair, and configure each device. Once everything is set, you can instantly arm and disarm the siren using the keypad and key fob. As GRSICO’s security system is Siri, Alexa, and Google-friendly voice control was simple.

The GRSICO home security system sends instant app notifications to your smartphone via Wi-Fi when sensors are disturbed. The alarm could be louder, but overall, this little system gets the job done, especially as you can expand it with additional motion and entry sensors.

Robust smart home security you can rely on

DIY smart home solutions with no monthly fee make protecting your property affordable, consistent, and always in your control. These smart home security systems vary in coverage, scalability, and integrations, so you can find the system that works best with your property and lifestyle.

The sensor numbers in the smart home security system are key to achieving the protection level you need. Independent security consultants recommend prioritizing back doors and windows, where there is less visibility, for the installation of your sensors if you only have a few in your system. Having an HD security camera upgrades the level of remote surveillance you can achieve. Since most no-contract home security systems don’t include security cameras, you’ll have to purchase one separately to add to your network.

And if you’re undecided about professional monitoring, it’s great that most smart home security systems with no monthly fee offer an optional upgrade to professional monitoring services. A pro package not only handles the monitoring of your home for you but can also coordinate police, fire, or medical response to your property in an emergency​​.

Smart home security that hands you the controls

The best smart home security system with no monthly fee provides maximum flexibility and functionality without continually coercing you to subscribe to premium services. Here are the three stand-out systems that will do a great job of protecting your home:

OSI’s kit is worth a closer look because of the high number of sensors provided and powerful alarm coverage, which has your back if you aren’t actively monitoring your home. Ring’s future-forward Wi-Fi 6 router base station is a great investment if you’re looking for a security system that seamlessly integrates with your smart home appliances.

But, overall, SimpliSafe’s insightful 12-piece kit packs in the most value for the modern homeowner, with an outstanding range of smart home security devices for comprehensive DIY protection of your home. Its high-definition, wide-angle camera provides excellent coverage of the major thoroughfares in your home if installed at height for the added reassurance of visual monitoring.

SimpliSafe 12-Piece Wireless Home Security System including hub, keypad, keyfob, sensors, entry monitors, panic button, and HD camera

SimpliSafe 12-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Best overall

Comprehensive home security that gives you confidence

SimpliSafe’s Wireless Home Security System provides motion alert alarm cover for a family home with the option of upgrading to professional monitoring and automated notifications. Also includes a SimpliCam, with a privacy shutter, for live-feed video.