Bows May Be the Next Big Thing in Home Decor

They’re not just for hair styling: Turn any space into a playful, balletcore dream by ~tying~ in this stylish decor accessory.

Jacob Fox

With styles like rom-com core and the coquette aesthetic making their way from social media into interior design lately, trendsetters have made it clear that the girlier and more playful, the better. Romantic looks are everywhere—from everyday outfits to picnics to decor—and bows fall effortlessly into this category.

While you might initially associate bows in home decor with an eight-year-old girl’s bedroom, there are sophisticated, innovative ways you can incorporate them into your space. Plus, child-like styles are on trend—there’s a newfound focus on nostalgia and a desire to surround ourselves with things that make us happy in this post-pandemic era, no matter your age or gender.

According to Pinterest’s lifestyle creative management lead Jeremy Jankowski, the platform is seeing data to support this, with month-over-month increases of searches like “fairycore bedroom,” “glam bathroom decor,” “whimsigoth home bedroom,” and “preppy dorm room.”

“I think we can safely say bows would tie in nicely to these search results,” Jankowski tells Better Homes & Gardens. “Which, again, plays into the notion that we believe trends start in fashion and take a little longer to make their way to the home, given the complexities of designing or ‘refreshing’ the aesthetic of your home compared to the time it takes to update an outfit in your wardrobe.”

Trends tend to hit the runway before interior spaces—like Jankowski said, it’s much easier (and more affordable) to revamp your closet than an entire room.

In an article published by Elle Canada in April, Natalie Michie writes that the bow trend is a “celebration of girlhood.”

“As with many items of that ilk, they’re generally deemed unnecessary and frivolous,” the story reads. “But across the runways of fashion month, they emerged as a style staple, from the streets to the runways.”

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Michie references fashion houses like Balmain and Aniye Records featuring them in the Fall-Winter 2023 season and Valentino in Spring-Summer 2023 shows. Balletcore, fairytale aesthetics, nostalgia—all point to a turn to delicate, lighthearted accessories.

<p>Chasing Paper</p>

To get the look in your home, one of the most dramatic and obvious options for weaving bows into any space is via wallpaper (another big trend this year, as shown by a Chasing Paper collection, pictured above) or artwork. This is also a great way to try the look out, as you can easily swap out prints and experiment with different peel-and-stick wallpapers. For more subtle styling, it’s all in the details: bow-shaped knobs, lighting fixtures, tablecloths and dinnerware, vases, etc. You can even look into upholstering your furniture with bow-patterned fabrics.

If pink isn’t your favorite (or if you’re over Barbiecore), go for any other pastel color to get the same romantic look. Leaning into a girly feel isn’t even necessary; mixing different aesthetics gives your space a sense of trendy eclecticness—pair your bows with edgy touches like metallic elements, moody hues, and celestial decor pieces.

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