Brightexerfit Unveils Carry On Safety Door Locks, the Most Versatile Travel Safety Products in Contemporary Market

Brightexerfit Unveils Carry On Safety Door Locks, the Most Versatile Travel Safety Products in Contemporary Market

Brightexerfit is a premier technology company specializing in manufacturing safety tools and utility products. The firm launched a series of portable safety locks and latches, committed to keeping travelers safe.

According to data sourced from United States Department of Justice, it is estimated that around 2.5 million burglaries occur annually in the US. Forbes recently revealed the latest home invasion statistics, underscoring that 3,062 property crime events occur on average every day.

While many homeowners deploy home security systems to protect their loved ones and property, cameras, alarms, and similar tools are anchored to the home and are of little use to travelers. Brightexerfit identified these inefficiencies and unveiled a comprehensive solution to all home security-related issues. 

Enter, Carry On Safety Door Lock – an innovative, highly portable door lock mechanism that enables the user to temporarily block any door from opening. 

Brandishing a pocket-sized yet remarkably durable design, the Carry On Safety Door Lock requires no tool or DIY skills to protect the user’s home, rental property, or any space behind the door it is being used on. 

The Carry On Safety Door Lock features two “wings”; one is placed on the door frame, and the other on the opposing side of the door while a secure latch keeps the mechanism firmly affixed to the door. 

Serving as a “lock on demand” tool, Carry On Safety Door Lock is the only tool in the contemporary market that can secure any space within seconds. The team at Brightexerfit purposefully designed this lock to fit most door types and makes, ensuring that consumers can use them both at home and whenever they are traveling.

The inspiration to invent a versatile tool that seamlessly blends convenience and security, according to Brightexerfit’s spokesperson, stems from a desire to help users feel secure without having to change their locks, invest hours in do-it-yourself courses, or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive security systems:

“Our journey began with a simple question: “How can we make everyday life not just safer but also smarter?” That question led us to design the Carry On Safety Door Lock,” Brightexerfit’s spokesperson said. “But that’s just the start. Our product line continues to evolve, with each product echoing our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.”

The intuitive self-installation design is one of the main draws of Brightexerfit’s Carry On Safety Door Lock. Users only need to place this tool next to an existing lock by mounting it on the door hinge and twist the screw until Carry On Safety Door Lock is firmly affixed. This ensures that the lock is protecting the door’s main weak points and works in harmony with any other locking mechanism that may be protecting the space, such as door chains. 

In the wake of soaring success that followed the launch of Carry On Safety Door Lock, the brand decided to go a step further by improving the design with additional innovations.

Enter, Carry On Safety Door Lock PRO and PRO+ Premium. Brandishing freshly upgraded modern aesthetics and a balance-adjustable mechanism on the right wing, the Pro version of the Carry On Safety Door Lock elevates the standards of modern security solutions by being compatible with uneven door frames. 

The newest addition to Brightexerfit’s catalog, the Pro+ Premium, stands at the pinnacle of portable security, boasting two sophisticated balance mechanisms and protective caps made of top-grade silicone. Apart from reliably keeping the door locked, the Pro+ Premium also protects both the door and the surrounding frames from structural damage and scratches. 

These innovative designs make Brightexerfit have established Brightexerfit as the undisputed market leader in portable security. In turn, the company has reaffirmed its pledge to keep innovating the industry with modern designs. 

“At Brightexerfit, we believe in enhancing the essence of everyday life with products that fuse functionality with finesse. Born out of a passion for creating solutions that make daily routines safer and more efficient, we strive to offer products that truly stand out in terms of quality, innovation, and value,” Brightexerfit’s spokesperson continued. 

More information about Brightexerfit is available on the company’s official website.

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