DIYer Shares Painting Hack For Achieving A Light Oak Look On Wooden Furniture

Before you toss out your wooden furniture and replace it with pieces that better match your current style era, I recommend you rethink it. Seriously, there are far too many DIY wood painting hacks that will save you some cash and time wasted shopping for something new.

Instead of spending time browsing sites looking for your preferred furniture pieces and getting 0 search results that truly match what you see in your head, you could be bringing your ideas to life. A DIYer just shared a TikTok hack for achieving the light oak look on wooden furniture that just might be what you need for the next iteration of your decor aesthetic.

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It took DIYer Kerry of @Johnston.designs_  just one day to secure herself a brand new table using the one already sitting in her dining room.

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“If you love the look of light oak wood and want to [refurbish] some furniture easily, this is for you,” Kerry shared with her followers. “

Have a look-see at the BEFORE version of her dining room table.

A closer look at the table certainly reveals wood damage that might make someone want to toss it and look for something completely new.

This is what the table looked like.<p>TikTok &sol; &commat;Johnton&period;designs&lowbar;</p>
This is what the table looked like.

TikTok &sol; &commat;Johnton&period;designs&lowbar;

But have we learned nothing from the furniture flippers always scoring hundreds of dollars on dumped furniture?

Without sanding the table a lick, Kerry cleaned it with soap and water. Then,  she used the Summerwood chalk paint color by BEHR, followed by  topcoat finishing wax from Jolie in the color brown. The results are a charming dining table in a seemingly 100% light oak color.

The table with its new paint job.<p><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:TikTok &sol; &commat;johnston&period;designs&lowbar;;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">TikTok &sol; &commat;johnston&period;designs&lowbar;</a></p>

You can find the chalk paint in the Summerwood color (a “versatile and graceful golden brown” according to BEHR) at Home Depot for $20 a can and the Jolie finishing wax on Amazon for around $18.

Kerry’s followers ate this no-sanding hack all the way up! Some are eager to get started putting this hack to great use. “Just bought my paint this week. Going to do my table shortly and a few other pieces,” an eager DIYer wrote. Meanwhile, some of her fellow TikTokers needed a little extra encouragement.

“I want to do this but I’m so not artsy. Do you need any type of skill for this?” one asked.

“Not at all!! Just paint and wax. Super simple!” Kerry replied.

Simple indeed. *Heads to Home Depot and Amazon*

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