Dream Home Makeover’s Shea McGee’s vintage Airstream decor is a design lesson for anyone with a tiny home

Dream Home Makeover’s Shea McGee’s vintage Airstream decor is a design lesson for anyone with a tiny home

Shea McGee of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover became famous for designing beautiful spaces with her husband, Syd McGee with their interior company, Studio McGee.

Now, the interior design power couple has taken on an ambitious new project – and it’s only 180 square feet. Shea’s husband and co-founder Syd surprised her with a vintage Airstream. The final design is gorgeous. Shea’s timeless white color choice is the star of the show – and the color makes the small space appear larger.

‘When designing our Airstream, I wanted it to feel elevated and like a home away from home. I had very specific ideas for what I wanted to do in the interiors – comfortable (yet durable) materials, warm tones, and an open and inviting feel,’ says Shea.

The vintage camper nicknamed ‘The McGee Mobile’ has a cozy modern design with hardwood-look floors. Though the entire space is relatively small, the perfect shade of white paint on the walls and ceilings makes the ‘sunny Airstream’ appear spacious.

Interior design and camper van experts love the neutral color scheme that Shea has chosen for the Airstream. ‘Especially in campers simply painting the ceilings and walls white makes the camper immediately feel bigger. You can add pops of color in your backsplash and add fun wallpaper things that don’t clutter or take up space but add texture and vibrancy to your camper,’ says Keva Niver, designer, renovator and owner of Boheme Retreats, a vintage camper retreat in Upstate New York.

Keva continues, ‘I love incorporating some natural wood tones into my designs and really love the white cabinets with the wood doors and drawers and accenting this with the leather pulls. I liked how Syd and Shea weren’t afraid to mix finishes, using black finishes and brass within the same space.’

‘The light earthy and warm tones used were great choices, as they really open up the space and invite the gorgeous outdoor scenery into the Airstream through the windows,’ adds Nathalie Malka, Southern California-based interior designer.

Nathalie says, ‘I definitely like the light wood tones, brass finishes, and light counters in the common area. I think keeping the base of the design light (by base I refer to things you can’t move around like cabinets, flooring etc.) and adding pops of contrast accents like the dark gray cushions or walnut table adds interest but can be changed easily in the future.’

In this design by Shea McGee, the neutral color trend, is absolutely the star of the show.

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