Elevate your home decor with these ceramic items

Elevate your home decor with these ceramic items


July 24, 2023 | 02:31 pm
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Make your homes minimalistic and fun

In today’s post-pandemic era, as minimalistic designs gain popularity in home decor, people seek distinctive ways to complement modern aesthetics.

In this quest for elegance and simplicity, ceramic items have emerged as a versatile home decor element, adorning spaces with grace and style.

NewsBytes spoke with Shruti Sharma, founder of Chini Mitti, who shared expert insights on selecting ceramics to elevate any living space.

Donut vase

One of the most important decorative items for any decor enthusiast is the vase. It is simple yet ageless.

Sharma suggests a sleek, minimalist donut vase in white or black will complement one’s interior design style.

Whether filled with real flowers, fake flowers, pampas grass, or both, this distinctive ceramic vase oozes modern elegance and instantly improves one’s decorating ideas.

Teacup and kettle

For tea enthusiasts, there is nothing more enjoyable than a great cup of hot tea in the morning to start the day.

A teacup set improves the tea-drinking experience and can lift one’s spirits after a long day.

“Tea in a ceramic cup saucer served by a kettle can create a stunning aura in a balcony setup, living room, or bedroom space,” says Sharma.

Mini pickle jar sets

“Miniature pickle jars with a lid and a tray can add grace and fun to the dining table setting or a kitchen counter,” says Sharma.

These jars can be used to fill chutneys, dips, pickles, flavored oils, and accompaniments on the dinner table.

A perfect conversation starter, this jars set is an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish and functional storage solution.

Oil dispensers

“Oil dispensers crafted in ceramics with quirky prints and handpainted designs can add drama to the kitchen space,” Sharma says.

A tight wooden cover on oil dispenser bottles gives it a gorgeous appearance and increases the storage option in the kitchen area.

You can also swap plastic containers with ceramic ones to store vinegar or soy sauce in addition to cooking oil.

Serving platter with inbuilt dip bowls

Ceramic serving platters come in several shapes, motifs, and sizes and are ideal when hosting get-togethers or parties at home.

“A separate dip section ensures that the food items served give a neat and organized appeal. From chips, fries, and kebabs to dim sums, this platter can be perfect for filling any appetizer and decking up one’s tableware aesthetics,” adds Sharma.

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