Gardening expert shares genius hack to kill weeds – it takes seconds and is completely free

A GARDENING whizz has urged people to “ditch the chemicals” as she’s found a clever method to kill weeds. 

Carolina Mccauley often uses her social media account to share her “home hacks and tricks” and in one such video she decided to tackle the pesky plants. 


A gardening expert has shared her clever method to remove weedsCredit: TikTok/@carolina.mccauley
She used boiling water to kill them off


She used boiling water to kill them offCredit: TikTok/@carolina.mccauley
She said there's no need for nasty chemicals to get rid of weeds


She said there’s no need for nasty chemicals to get rid of weedsCredit: Getty

In a short clip, she showed viewers a row of weeds that had cropped up between the gravel in her garden. 

“Use boiling water to eradicate weeds,” she said alongside a sweating emoji and a water emoji. 

She then showed herself pouring the hot water over the weeds, which splashed everywhere. 

“No nasty chemicals needed,” she added with a smiling emoji.

TikTok user @carolina.mccauley then showed off the results, where the weeds appeared to have dried out completely and were dead – allowing her to remove them with ease. 

In the caption, she added: “Ditch the chemicals: boiling water [has] got this! 

“Did you know this hack or have you tried it before?” 

People were quick to comment as many argued the weeds would just grow back.

One person said: “That just kills the top leaves but not the root, so it will just show new leaves in a couple of days”. 

Another said: “The issue is… they grow back, quickly. Use salt for best results”. 

While a third suggested: “White vinegar, salt and washing up liquid works great”.

Others, however, were adamant that it does, in fact, work wonders as one shared: “Brilliant ! Have been doing this for years as I have animals – learn to from my grannie x”.

Carolina replied: “Granny knows best”. 

Another said: “This does work. I have been doing it for years.” 

While a third added: “I have been doing this for 40years”. 

According to, boiling water can actually be an effective method to eradicate weeds from the garden.

But it has the most impact on weedlings over larger ones. 

“It makes sense, as even those irritating weeds cannot exist after being scalded,” they wrote. 

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However, it’s important not to use boiling water on weeds that are close to other plants that you’d like to keep as it can also kill them off. 

They added: “Pour slowly, especially if there is grass nearby or ornamental plants that might be damaged. Pour generously, but don’t waste it. There are likely many more weeds to kill off.”