Home Bargains unveils new garden centres and shoppers are amazed by the plants, furniture, and decor collections

SHOPPERS have been sent into a frenzy after Home Bargains unveiled brand new garden centres in time for summer.

The popular retailer took to TikTok to announce the news to fellow green-fingered Brits who want to zhuzh up their outdoor space without spending a fortune.


Shoppers can check out the garden centres in 50 locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern IrelandCredit: Getty
With some items selling for under a fiver, it's the perfect way to give your garden a glow-up on the cheap


With some items selling for under a fiver, it’s the perfect way to give your garden a glow-up on the cheapCredit: homebargainsofficialuk
The store is also offering stunning ceramic pots in a range of colours and purse-friendly picks


The store is also offering stunning ceramic pots in a range of colours and purse-friendly picksCredit: homebargainsofficialuk

Whether you’re after purse-friendly plants or aggregates, furniture or decor to make your garden extra Fabulous this summer, the garden centres offer just about anything shoppers could need.

According to Home Bargains, there are currently a whopping 50 branches across the nation that have a garden centre, including 39 in England.

Other locations include five stores in Wales, six in Scotland, as well as three in Northern Ireland.

To avoid any disappointment, customers can check out the store locator here.

Some of the items super fans of the popular retailer can expect to get their hands on include stunning outdoor plants in various colours, including baby pink, as well as a six-pack of gorgeous blooms for an affordable £2.99.

If you want to give your garden a makeover and try out growing plants this year, you’ll also need to pick up their massive 50l bag of multi-purpose compost.

Suitable for all stages of plant growth, the compost feeds plants for 4-5 weeks and is ideal for use in beds, borders, containers and baskets, the little blurb online read.

The discount retailer has also come to rescue with an incredibly variety of show-stopping ceramic pots that come in a range of sizes.

As shared in the short video online, these are available from as little as £8.99 – and customers are spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re after more neutral hues or want to add a splash of vibrant colour to your garden, shoppers can choose between lovely blue, white, green and grey, just to name a few.

Garden Makeover Say Goodbye to Moss!

The latest range hitting the stores across the nation also includes huge bags of bark chippings, raised plants beds, decorative stones, as well as garden ornaments.

Some of the bargain buys spotted in the clip are numerous wooden owls and adorable hedgehogs, both retailing for £29.99.

Less pricey, scanning at £19.99, is a wooden pig sculpture, which has been slashed by a whopping £80.

Announcing the news on their social media page, Home Bargains wrote in the caption: ”Our garden centres are ready for you!

”From plants to aggregates, and furniture to garden decor, we’ve got everything you need to create your dream outdoor space.”

Dozens of gardening enthusiasts flocked to comments, with many demanding the brand opened more locations across the country.

May gardening jobs

The Sun’s Gardening Editor, Veronica Lorraine, has shared the tasks you need to crack on with in May.

GARDEN growth can go from nought to ninety in May, depending on the weather. The last UK frosts are generally seen at the beginning of the month, so all of a sudden there’s so much more to do and grow. 

Plant out dahlia tubers

It’s a joy to finally plant out your dahlia tubers. Remember how big they can get – and space accordingly – anything up to half a metre apart.  

It’s a good idea to put your support stakes in now instead of trying to work around them.

And make sure you include lots of well rotted manure or decent compost to feed it and then mulch to keep it moist and suppress weeds. They generally start blooming in July. 

Final feed to Spring flowers

You can give a cheeky feed to all your remaining tulips and daffodils.

Although the majority of bulbs aren’t guaranteed to come back year after year any more, as long as you’ve left them to die back naturally there’s a good chance they’ll have stored enough energy to come back again. Tomato feed is fine. 

Tie up climbers

Your clematis, honeysuckle and rambling roses should be well on their way by now – try to use plastic free string to tie them back into their support, or tuck them round each other to make sure they don’t sprout off in crazy directions. 

Feed the lawn

It’s not too late to give your lawn a good feed.

Whether you use granular or liquid, it can give it a good boost to see it through the harsher summer months.

While mowing, don’t go too low with your cut length yet and never take more than a third off the grass height. 

Get creative

It’s also time to get creative with hanging baskets and pots.

Trailing pelargoniums, which a lot of people call geraniums,  and Begonias are a good, low cost way of getting lovely returning blooms throughout the summer in your baskets.

And pots can be planted with spring bulbs. 

Don’t forget the greenhouse!

Give your greenhouse a good tidy and clean the glass inside and out.

The improved light will help plants grow quicker inside and tidying is good for the soul.

You can just use a household white wine vinegar and water solution – or even neat if you’re feeling spendy – which gives a really good shine. 

One said: ”Wish our Home Gargains had a garden centre.

”I love getting bits in store but a proper garden centre would be ace.”

Another super fan cried, writing: ”Please can you bring a store to NW [North West] London as there are NONE.

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