I got hate for my Dollar Tree home decor hack – who knew it would push buttons, I think it’s great for the kitchen

A KITCHEN whizz with a knack for DIY has shared her home decor hack, but was met with criticism.

She purchased all the supplies without breaking the bank by heading to Dollar Tree.


A DIY fan shared her kitchen hack using finds from Dollar Tree, but people weren’t so impressed (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Marilyn (@mmarilyn__442) filmed herself working on the homemade piece in a viral video on TikTok.

She purchased several seemingly unrelated items to build her custom decor.

Although it took some creativity and a little muscle, she pulled off creating a brand-new look for a budget buy.

However, many viewers were left less than impressed by her hard work.


Marilyn strolled the aisles of Dollar Tree, picking up several different items from the discount store.

Some products included decor, a waste basket, and nylon attachments.

Using the various items, she created a basket fit for her kitchen for less than she would pay for similar decorative pieces.

Finally, she filled up the DIY buy with coffee K-Cups — perfect for a caffeine fix.


Not everyone was pleased with Marilyn’s kitchen hack, despite the creativity.

Several TikTokers expressed their thoughts in the comment section of the video.

My file folder method keeps my dish towels organized – all you need is a Dollar Tree buy, the key is to go vertical

“At first I thought I wasn’t going to like it and at the end I hated it,” one commented.

“That was enough for me I don’t think I need one,” another wrote.

“Hmm at first I was like nah, but at the end I was like no,” said a third. “My patience for that waste basket wouldn’t hold up.”

“You could have tried painting the handle gold or something so it wouldn’t look like a Dollar Tree DIY,” one suggested.

“I trusted the whole process only to hate it at the end,” yet another commented.


Not everyone hated Marilyn’s Dollar Tree DIY, with many showing support for the creativity.

“Paint it to match your kitchen aesthetic,” one viewer wrote. “I love this idea.”

“It’s cute,” another chimed in. “I don’t know why people are hating.”

“Oh my goodness, that will be perfect for my onions and garlic,” a third said.

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“That would make a good fruit basket. I’ve been looking for one,” yet another wrote.

“It’s cute for being on a budget, like I genuinely don’t understand the hate,” one more said.

She used various pieces from Dollar tree to DIY a basket for her kitchen to hold K-Cups


She used various pieces from Dollar tree to DIY a basket for her kitchen to hold K-CupsCredit: TikTok/mmarilyn__442