I’m a DIY guru & here are seven home glow-up mistakes to avoid – & why painting staircase in quirky colours is a big no

A DIY enthusiast has listed the seven mistakes you might want to steer clear of when renovating your property – and turns out, painting staircase in quirky colours is not as fun as it seems.

Offering a helping hand to fellow DIY fans, crafty whizz, Lindsey Isla, took to TikTok to share some of the main mistakes she’s learnt the hard way whilst giving her home a glow-up.


Despite giving the home more character, Lindsey revealed she’d never paint a staircase againCredit: Tiktok/@lindsey_isla
The DIY whizz also explained why having a tap outside the basin is not a good idea


The DIY whizz also explained why having a tap outside the basin is not a good ideaCredit: Tiktok/@lindsey_isla

One of them, she revealed in the video, was painting her staircase – and whilst it may seem like a great idea to give your home more character, Lindsey insisted it’s not worth the hassle.

”Don’t get me wrong, I love this colour – I think it looked amazing,” she said of the vibrant green staircase.

”However, it’s such a high traffic area, it was always chipping. I was constantly painting it.”

Instead, the DIY guru advised, she’d opt for an alternative, such as thick, durable carpet to go over – this would also be better for sound isolation and heat, Lindsey added.

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Another error she wouldn’t make again is going for original floorboards, as the craft fanatic explained they tend to be ”too cold and too noisy”.

She went on: ”I wouldn’t paint a room with no natural light bright white.

”I thought it would be really nice and bright there but actually, it just made it feel really dull and lifeless, and cold.”

Next time, Lindsey said, she’d rather pick a more warmer white or a warmer colour altogether.

Speaking of painting, the DIY enthusiast told the followers on her page she also would not paint a north-facing room a cool colour, such as pastel green.

Similarly to the bright white, this, too, made the space feel rather cold – so much so that Lindsey ”never wanted to hang out in there”.


Other mistakes she warned fellow home improvement fans of included tiling a table, as well as choosing black faucets in the bathroom.

All chuffed with the kitchen table, Lindsey said: ”I love this look so much but tiles are actually really heavy and the legs just kind of buckle under the weight.

”It was fine on the kitchen surfaces but on an IKEA table it’s not really the one.”

Unfortunately, whilst black faucets might appear chic and elegant, these are a no-no for those living in a hard water area.

”These just stained up really quickly and I was constantly having to try to clean them but they never looked as good as new.”

Last but not least, Lindsey said she’d never have the tap outside the basin – this just makes for an awful lot of mess.

”Every time I went to turn the tap off, I would soak the side of the basin and it would be wet, and it would get a bit and gunky.”

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Lindsey added in the caption: ”I loved our last home, but here are some renovation mistakes I made.

”Such a learning curve.”