Innovative startup promoting urban gardening

Innovative startup promoting urban gardening

The innovative creative agency “They That Do” has recently launched a home-based startup, Seedfolk. Seedfolk combines antique botanical designs and timber vegetable engravings to enhance home gardening. It offers unique plant varieties beautifully packaged, not typically available at garden centers, capitalizing on the urban gardening trend.

Gemma Hudson founded Seedfolk, born out of the national lockdown, aimed to stimulate home horticulture and a renewed interest in outdoor spaces. Seedfolk is an innovative solution to enhancing mental well-being and encouraging productivity amidst pandemic-induced stress, matching the broader socio-cultural shift towards self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

Seedfolk provides a seed subscription service and a gardening club, representing a community of gardening enthusiasts. The platform allows beginners to learn about gardening and experienced gardeners to exchange knowledge. The subscription service provides seeds suitable for different seasons and climates, while the gardening club fosters interaction and knowledge sharing.

Appealing to plant lovers across generations, the brand image taps into the inherent beauty of nature and the emotional connection people have with plants. The brand seamlessly interweaves care, patience, growth, and sustainability values, enhancing the joys of gardening and plant care.

The messaging caters to both young and older generations.

Seedfolk: Encouraging urban home gardening

Younger audiences are encouraged by plant care’s wellness benefits and green space’s beauty. The narrative for older generations revolves around cultivation’s pleasure and the sense of purpose gardening brings.

The British Library’s vintage materials, including botanical manuals and century-old advertisements, strongly influenced Seedfolk’s brand image. Historical elements were integrated into the design, reflecting present-day challenges akin to wartime media. A modest color palette was chosen to seamlessly incorporate new textures and imagery promoting brand growth.

Typography was critical, combining the 1930s seed packets’ retro style with modern variations. The design team added an animated logo to symbolize Seedfolk’s continuous growth, striking a balance of vintage essence with innovative modern touches. Seedfolk is committed to selling seeds and inspiring customers to cultivate a continued passion for gardening.