LL Flooring Review [2024]: Installation, Quality and Features

Since purchasing our home at the start of 2020, we’ve spent countless weekends sprucing it up with various professional remodels and DIY projects. From knocking down walls to painting staircases, no room was left untouched. Four years into the never-ending renovation of our 1980s home, it was finally time to update the floors in my home office—an open-air loft with high ceilings and dormer windows—with the help of LL Flooring.

“Updating floors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, increasing its overall value and marketability,” says Alex Veit, owner of Oakerds Flooring LLC, a floor installation company that has been in business since 2007. “Additionally, modern flooring materials often offer improved durability and easier maintenance, reducing long-term upkeep costs for homeowners. Finally, upgrading floors can contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment by providing better insulation and soundproofing properties.”

The previous homeowners had installed an acceptable but not entirely durable laminate floor. After settling into a remote-first work environment, my home office saw daily use and needed a more suitable floor. So, we opted for engineered hardwood flooring from LL Flooring that would stand the test of time. I’ll dive into the quality, appearance and installation for my LL Flooring review.

What is LL Flooring?

Anyone looking to remodel their home is probably considering updating the flooring in one or multiple rooms. An updated floor can transform an outdated room into a modern marvel. LL Flooring is a premier flooring retailer that’s been around since 1993. The company has over 400 stores in 47 states, and it offers many flooring options, including hardwood, engineered wood, waterproof vinyl, bamboo, laminate, tile, cork, carpet and more.

The company provides an expansive selection of floors and the tools necessary to do the job—from underlayment to molding. LL Flooring is a notable resource for home DIYers and professional installers alike. For our installation, we upgraded our room with Builder’s Pride Misty Brazilian Oak engineered hardwood flooring for its real wood veneer and tongue and groove design.



A premier flooring retailer that offers hardwood, waterproof vinyl, bamboo, laminate, tile and more.

LL Flooring Features

LL Flooring FeaturesCher Checchio for Family Handyman

LL Flooring simplifies the floor shopping experience by offering four steps to finding the right floor for your home project. First, prospective remodelers can visit the website to find the material based on room type or lifestyle, keeping in mind that the right flooring can increase your home’s value. Shop by category, such as a hybrid waterproof floor that protects against spills or a stone-look tile ideal for a bathroom. Not sure what type of floor to choose? Take the floor finder quiz for recommendations based on style preferences.

Next, explore the collection of options and utilize the company’s floor visualizer to see how a particular floor might look in your home. For something less abstract, you can also order four free samples for a more hands-on approach. Once you’ve finalized your choice, consider speaking with a flooring expert online, over the phone or in a store to answer any lingering questions regarding the floor.

The last step is to get ready for your installation. LL Flooring offers handy guides to help you do the job correctly if installing the floors yourself, or you can utilize one of the company’s licensed contractors to complete installation services. “Investing in professional installation by experienced contractors can help ensure a high-quality finish and minimize the risk of issues down the line,” Veit adds. You can schedule a free in-home assessment to create an accurate install that accounts for subfloor preparation, acclimation, molding, underlayment, furniture moving, and more.

How We Tested It

How We Tested ItCher Checchio for Family Handyman

We tested the Builder’s Pride Misty Brazilian Oak engineered hardwood floors for this LL Flooring review. We selected this floor because of its real wood veneer, tongue-and-groove installation and overall tone. Engineered hardwood floors offer several advantages, including greater dimensional stability compared to solid wood floors, making them less prone to warping and shrinking due to changes in humidity,” Veit says.

Since we installed the floors in our loft and not our basement, we knew an engineered hardwood floor more resistant to seasonal changes would be most suitable. We also loved the wider planks—a noticeable difference from the thinner bamboo floors on our main floor—that offered a more dramatic look.


QualityCher Checchio for Family Handyman

Engineered hardwood is a composite wood constructed of binding or layering pieces of hardwood together with plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or lumber core. It looks similar to hardwood because of its thin hardwood veneer top layer. However, it’s a budget-friendly alternative that utilizes tongue and groove installation. “Engineered hardwood often features a real wood veneer top layer, providing the natural beauty and warmth of hardwood while being more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than solid wood options,” Veit adds. Oak is a naturally durable, long-lasting hardwood. Its high quality complements its overall aesthetic appearance.

These Greenguard Gold-certified floors have a premium aluminum oxide fortified finish that makes them stain-, scuff- and scratch-resistant. The floors are 9/16 inches wide and 7.5 inches thick with a 3-mm veneer and stained finish. Plus, LL Flooring offers a 50-year residential warranty to help keep these floors looking timeless.

Grain Pattern

Grain PatternCher Checchio for Family Handyman

Our Misty Brazilian Oak floors use a Tauari design with a light appearance. Generally, it ranges in color from cream to tan to medium brown with a medium grain pattern. In natural lighting, the floors are gray with brown undertones and a matte finish. One feature that we immediately noticed upon arrival is that the floors have a speckled blue design etched into the grain pattern that adds some personality to the top veneer.


InstallationCher Checchio for Family Handyman

Various engineered hardwood options were available, including water-resistant styles, ones with extra-wide planks and others with click-n-step pre-applied adhesive. Our Builder’s Pride Misty Brazilian Oak has a tongue and groove, floating floor installation. Each plank has a protruding tongue on one end and a concave groove on the other, allowing the planks to slide together and slot in place. Joining the seams together makes installation easy, less expensive and semi-permanent. “Tongue and groove installation is often less expensive than other methods because it allows for faster and easier installation, reducing labor costs,” Veit says. “Additionally, the precise fit of tongue and groove boards minimizes the need for additional materials such as adhesives or fasteners, further contributing to cost savings.”

Preparation of the subfloorCher Checchio for Family Handyman

First, we removed all furniture from the home office, excluding the computer desk. Our professional installers subcontracted through LL Flooring and removed our old laminate floors. Due to water damage and an uneven base, a framing company replaced some of our underlayment. “A good floor installation begins with thorough preparation of the subfloor, ensuring it is clean, level, and dry to prevent issues such as squeaking or unevenness,” says Veit. “Next, precise measurement and layout planning are crucial to minimize waste and achieve a professional finish. Finally, attention to detail during the installation process, including proper adhesive application or fitting of interlocking pieces for floating floors, ensures a seamless and long-lasting result that enhances the overall look and functionality of the space.”

The installers glued the boards directly to the subfloor to prevent any movement. This process took roughly four hours from demo to completion, not counting the framework. After the installation, we noticed how much brighter the home office felt with this lighter, misty oak tone. The floors were also level and exuded a high-end look and feel.


  • Offers vinyl, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, tile and carpet
  • Over 400 stores across 47 states
  • Options include wood or stone look
  • Floor visualizer tool
  • Up to four free samples
  • Installation materials available
  • Greenguard Gold or FloorScore Certified
  • Includes 30-, 50- and 100-year residential warranties
  • Six-, 12-, 18- and 24-month financing available


  • Free shipping only offered for local store pickup
  • No locations in Alaska, Hawaii or Wyoming (can still ship to Wyoming)


Why is LL Flooring cheaper?

LL Flooring is cheaper than other companies because it cuts out the middleman and partners directly with suppliers and manufacturers. Depending on the type of wood you want, you can get a price as low as $0.18 per square foot for tile or $0.69 per square foot for laminate. The company also offers a best-price guarantee that matches or beats the price of its competitors.

“The average cost of floor installation varies depending on factors such as the type of flooring material, the size of the area to be covered, and labor costs in your region,” Veit says. “On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $10 per square foot for basic materials and installation of common flooring types such as laminate, vinyl, or carpet. However, more premium materials like hardwood or tile can range from $5 to $15 or more per square foot, including installation.”

Where is LL Flooring headquarters located?

LL Flooring—formerly Lumber Liquidators—has headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The company was founded in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

What Other Reviewers Had to SayCher Checchio for Family Handyman

LL Flooring reviews garner a positive 4.8-star rating on ConsumerAffairs with over 4,300 reviews.

“Lumber Liquidators exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and expertise,” says Luis from Richland, Washington. “They installed vinyl plank flooring in my basement, and the result is stunning. I highly recommend their services.”

Elizabeth from Washington, D.C., writes, “Lumber Liquidators did an excellent job installing laminate flooring in my home. The installation process was smooth, and the final result looks fantastic. I would highly recommend their services!”

LL Flooring vs Floor and Decor

Two companies typically sit at the top of an online search for flooring: LL Flooring and Floor & Decor. Both offer a selection of flooring, installation materials and resources. You can also shop at both companies via their websites or in-store. The two main differences between LL Flooring and Floor & Decor are price and specialization. LL Flooring is less expensive due to its direct partnership with manufacturers. Unlike Floor & Decor, which sells flooring, fixtures, and backsplashes, LL Flooring focuses on one thing and one thing only: floors. Additionally, the company has solid hardwood flooring with a transferable 100-year warranty.

Final Verdict

Final VerdictCher Checchio for Family Handyman

I spend considerable time in my home office and walk on my engineered hardwood floors daily. After almost a month, I can confidently say that these floors have held up to constant back-and-forth gliding from my desk chair to morning coffee spills. If you’re uncertain about durability, longevity, price or selection—don’t be. LL Flooring has something for every budget, every style, and every remodeler—be it a DIY home project or a professional installation.

Where to Buy LL Flooring



A premier flooring company that offers engineered wood, laminate, cork, carpet and more.

If you’re ready to upgrade any room in your home and want a variety of affordable options, consider shopping at LL Flooring. You can shop directly on the company’s website or visit one of its over 400 retail stores.