My home decor tip will make cleaning up after pet accidents much easier – you also won’t have trapped hair and odor

A PET expert has shared a decor tip that makes cleaning up after accidents easier.

The interior design choice, he says, will also prevent trapped dog hair and odor.


An upholstery expert shared a preferred fabric that makes pet accidents easy to cleanCredit: Getty

Paul O’Reilly, upholstery expert at ScS, shared his tips on how to pet-proof your home to keep your belongings in good condition.

He explained that being intentional with your furniture fabrics will go a long way with furry companions around the house.

“If you’re currently looking to purchase a new sofa and you already have pets or are thinking of owning them in the future, opting for a pet-friendly fabric will make cleaning any accidents much easier,” he wrote.

Paul revealed that his go-to choice of fabric for pet owners is leather.

“Leather sofas are a great option for pet owners as they are typically much easier to wipe than fabric sofas,” he said.

To clean leather sofas, you simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

An additional perk, he added, was the fabric’s natural ability to repel fur.

“They also don’t trap hairs or odors in the same way as woven fabrics can,” he said.

“However, it’s worth noting that sharp paws can damage the surface of leather and leave marks.

“It’s important to check the type of leather, most leather sofas are sealed and therefore most soiling will wipe away easily, whereas semi-analine and analine leathers have little to no sealant and require specialist products.”

Leather sofas are a great option for pet owners as they are typically much easier to wipe than fabric sofas.

Paul O’ReillyUpholstery expert

For pet owners concerned about their dogs tracking in outside messes on their furniture, Paul recommended going for darker colors.

“If the biggest concern for you is muddy paws then opting for a dark-colored sofa, either black or brown will help to disguise any marks,” he said.

“Or for even better protection try covering an area of your sofa with a washable throw for your dog to sit on.

“Then if it becomes dirty, simply place it in the washing machine.”

Another home upgrade can protect your home from excitable dogs with sharp paws.

“Laminate flooring can come with a scratch-free coating which is great for dogs with sharp paws,” he explained.

“However, consider whether your dog is likely to bite at any corners and whether they’re prone to accidents as laminate can suffer badly with water damage. 

“Vinyl flooring is usually a great option for pet owners as it’s easy to clean, water-resistant, and highly durable.”

He revealed that leather sofas don't trap pet hair or odor


He revealed that leather sofas don’t trap pet hair or odorCredit: Getty