Netatmo review | Smart home security systems tested

Netatmo smart security products are good-looking, in the majority wireless and are designed with Anodised aluminium monobloc, to make them more durable and weather-resistant, where required. Although there is no specific power outage backup, most devices come with the batteries required that have a two-year lifespan, while other items need to be plugged in, like the indoor camera. The devices can have different settings adjusted in the app, so you have a full overview of your system and a schedule or response procedure that works to suit you. For instance, you can configure what happens when different sensors detect activity, such as sounding the siren, playing pre-recorded “at-home” noises or simply sending a notification. The indoor camera is essentially the hub of Netatmo’s home security system, as there are different components that need it to work, namely the smart indoor siren and sensors. 

Smart indoor camera

Netatmo’s smart indoor camera is an essential part of its home security system as different accessories need it to operate, like the indoor siren. The camera itself needs to be plugged and connected to wifi. It can film with 1080p picture quality, a panoramic 130-degree field of view and infrared night vision of up to five metres. It will only record footage when triggered by suspicious movement or if it detects a face, of which you can add up to 32 recognisable faces, including pets, to stop unnecessary recordings. Alerts will tell you whether the person is listed as known, or not, and you can see footage directly on the app. It comes with an 8G MicroSD card.

Smart indoor siren 

The smart indoor siren is an accessory that requires the indoor camera to operate. The 110dB alarm (louder than police grade) will activate if an intruder is detected by the camera; you can turn the siren off using the app, or you can activate another pre-recorded sound to give the impression that someone is home – ideal if you’re away for the weekend. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling, but must be in the same room as the smart camera with no obstructions between them. There are two installation options, explained in an easy DIY video online: a renter-friendly route with double-sided stickers and one that requires a drill and screwdriver. The latter might be a little more secure. The indoor siren comes with four AA batteries that have a two-year lifespan. 

Smart door and window sensors

These sensors pick up movements and vibrations when placed on different entry points around your home. They need the indoor camera to work and are included with the Smart Alarm System with Camera package. You’ll get real-time notifications if anyone is forcing their way in and your alarm can be set to go off if abnormal movement is detected. One handy in-app feature is that you can check whether any windows or doors have been left open. 

Smart video doorbell

The smart video doorbell is designed to replace an existing chime doorbell. It can also be installed new, using Netatmo’s installation products that are sold separately – a plug-in 10 metre cable length (into wall outlet) or in-wall transformer (into existing electrical wiring). Installation is predicted to take 45 minutes and the transformer might require a professional, or someone with good electrical skills. Netatmo Pro installers are available, should you want a professional installation service that knows the products well to carry out the fitting. 

The IP44-rated doorbell is programmed to send alerts when someone arrives at the door. It records in 1080p full HD and a high dynamic range function, which softens direct light, and infrared LED night vision, to ensure you have a full view of people and packages at all hours. 

The doorbell can take up to a 32GB micro SD card (not included) or store recordings to Dropbox or an FTP server. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assist, so any smart speakers you have can sync with the chime alert.

Smart outdoor camera

Previously known as “Presence”, Netatmo’s Smart Outdoor Security Camera can cleverly differentiate between people, animals and non-important objects/movements. It’s two-in-one, with a dimmable LED floodlight (12W low power) in the upper section and the surveillance camera in the lower section. 

It acts as a surveillance system, so if it detects movement that could pose a security threat, it will start recording in full HD 1080p, with a 100-degree field of view, which you can access live for free on the app or online. The night vision can detect movement and objects up to 15 metres away, to give you a clear image. The default setting is for the floodlight to come on when it picks up movement, but you can set up different “alert-zones” in the app to only monitor specific areas. It can also be turned on manually.