New R1 Paint Color and Interior Options Pricing Leaks While Rivian Exhausts 2023 Inventory

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Photo: @trmaier via Rivian Forums

Rivian is very close to launching the refresh variants of the R1S and R1T, as it started a sales campaign to clear inventory of older models. The incentives and discounts offered did their jobs, as 2023 models have disappeared from inventory. In the meantime, a leak revealed new paint colors and interior options along with their prices.

Rivian is expected to make an official announcement about the updated R1 models during the June 27 Investor Day conference. The 2025 R1T and R1S will probably start deliveries shortly after that as Rivian tries to avoid an Osborne effect on the existing models. This happens when people delay a purchase until the new model arrives, leading to diminished sales of the current model. However, if we consider the depletion of Rivian’s inventory, there are not many vehicles to be Osborned.

Earlier this month, Rivian started an aggressive marketing campaign, offering hefty discounts on the 2023 and 2024 models in the inventory. Not only the vehicles were discounted, but also some of the most popular options. These include battery and performance upgrades that cost Rivian nothing, being essentially software locks on the more expensive options. On top of all that, Rivian offered very compelling lease conditions, which also qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Thanks to all these concessions, people rushed to order a Rivian. A quick search reveals that the 2023 models basically disappeared, while the 2024 models were scarce for certain ZIP codes. After clearing the 2023 model year stock, Rivian will likely accelerate sales of the 2024 vehicles. How fast or aggressive it will be will tell us how close the launch of the refreshed R1S and R1T is.

As the day approaches, we get new pieces of the puzzle revealed via leaks. Last week, leaked EPA certification documents revealed many details of the refreshed R1S with LFP battery cells. A new leak reveals that Rivian will add new paint colors and interiors to the 2025 R1 lineup. The leak also revealed their prices, which sadly have increased for most options compared to the existing models.

The Adventure package will come standard with the LA Silver paint, while existing Limestone and Forest Green will be $2,500, up from $1,750. The good news is that Midnight and Red Canyon will be more affordable, at $1,750, down from $2,500. The other paint options offered on the current models will retain their prices. Rivian will also add an unknown paint option for $2,500.

The interiors will keep the Black Mountain & Black leather standard combination, while Black Mountain and Ebony Ash (similar to current Dark Ash Wood) will be offered for $750. Rivian is poised to provide an Ocean Coast and Ebony Ash combination, as well as a new interior combined with Ebony Ash, both for $2,000.

Rivian also plans a new paint color exclusive to the new Premium package for $2,500. The Premium package includes Black Mountain & new wood accent combination. Two exclusive interior combinations, Ocean Coast & new wood accent, and an unknown interior & new wood accent, each retailing at $2,000, are also on the platter.