Organizer Explains How to Resist the Urge To Splurge on New Home Decor

Today, we dive into the insights we’ve extracted from an enthralling conversation with organizer and self-proclaimed home simplifier Jancee. Are you someone who’s succumbed to the compulsion of continuously acquiring new home decor? She has a different idea for you—celebrate what you already have!

Jancee gracefully unveiled a new approach to how we perceive our spaces and the thread of temptation entwined with fresh decoration. She insists it’s not always about the ‘new’. It is also about negotiating with the ‘old.’

Purchasing something new for your home may feel like the easy fix to rekindle the spark of novelty in your living space. But the magic, according to Jancee, isn’t solely in the new—it’s in seeing the old with new eyes!

Jancee urges that it isn’t necessary to constantly feel the weight of an empty wallet to enjoy a fresh-feeling home. Before breaking your piggy bank for new decor, consider what if you rearranged what you already have.

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Picture your place as a puzzle. The fun isn’t just about getting new pieces — it’s about finding new ways those pieces fit together. Moving a beloved piece of furniture to a different corner or repurposing an old item can magically breathe new life into your space.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to witness your bookshelf doing the tango from the living room to the study? Or the tribal art painting you bought for your bedroom deciding to cheer up your kitchen instead?

“Less is more,” Jancee reminds us, and wisdom can be mined from that mindset. We don’t need decorating every corner of our homes to make it look inviting or exciting. Simplifying can bring out the potential in pieces you’ve had shadowed by clutter.

Removing non-essential items from a room can immediately elevate appeal, giving a fresh perspective and dialing its charm. As I did, you might discover that your grandma’s old rocking chair isn’t just nostalgic; it’s a statement piece when given room to shine!

Our homes resonate with our journeys, and each piece of furniture or decor broadcasts a part of our story. Refreshing the energy in your home doesn’t necessarily mean masking old memories with new purchases. Sometimes, it just means shifting things around and rekindling forgotten sentiments.

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