Plumbers locate items over 100 years old hidden in Michigan ceiling

A Michigan family set out to fix a water heater and ended up finding a treasure trove of century-old relics in their bathroom.

The items include wooden dominoes, a business card for a music store dating back to 1907, a publication printout from 1913, a cutout of Jesus and a playing card from the Milton Bradley game “Game of Luck.”

Also found was a metal piece that makes different noises, said Jesse Leitch. He lives in the Grand Rapids home where the items were found with his partner and her two daughters and thinks the metal piece is part of a music box.

“They thought it was pretty interesting too, especially the little music box thing,” he told USA TODAY Wednesday afternoon. “They like playing with that and making songs with it.”

Plumbers made the discovery last month. Leitch found out there was a water issue at his home in mid March and his water heater failed, so they had plumbers come out to gut the home’s plumbing system and make adjustments to a bathroom upstairs.

“They were cutting into the ceiling in my bathroom,” Leitch told USA TODAY. “As they were cutting into the ceiling, they saw these items kind of sitting … on top of the ceiling boards.”