Real estate experts say Mia Farrow’s house exterior paint has a ‘sheer uniqueness’ that’s worth the risk

Real estate experts say Mia Farrow’s house exterior paint has a ‘sheer uniqueness’ that’s worth the risk

Whether we’re selling our home or not, curb appeal is important – and Mia Farrow may have just inspired us to make our boldest improvement yet.

The actress turned UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador recently shared a snapshot of her leaving for the Time100 Gala, offering a glimpse at her home’s exterior – featuring a striking dark red paint that has got real estate experts talking.

When painting a house exterior – especially when selling is on our mind – it’s natural to opt for something somewhat ‘safe’ (but timeless); however, Mia’s bolder exterior reminds us this doesn’t always need to be the case. In fact, as some estate agents say, experimenting with red may sell our home faster than we could expect.

‘I once had a client who painted their home exterior dark red. At first, I raised an eyebrow, but the transformation was unbelievable – that rich hue made their home pop in a sea of beige and gray,’ says Austin-based real estate agent Jim Olenbush.

Here’s what’s interesting: homes with unique colors, especially something as bold as dark red, can make a lasting impression. In a market where first impressions can make or break a deal, that’s a real asset.’

But what makes red so impactful on our curb appeal? Jim explains that its main draw comes from its ‘sheer uniqueness’ and ability to make a statement, especially when paired alongside other more neutral homes.

And, perhaps surprisingly, a more vibrant exterior is among the features that house buyers want – becasue, as Jim explains, there’s ‘an invitation to it, a draw.’

‘I’ve noticed homes with such strong exteriors tend to get more foot traffic during open houses. Curiosity, perhaps? However, if you go bold outside, consider more neutral tones inside. It offers a sense of balance and doesn’t overwhelm potential buyers.’

Red painted house

However, before we rush to replicate Mia’s home, Jim reminds us that, despite its benefits, red is not for everyone.

‘There’s a flip side – not everyone’s a fan of bold. Some potential buyers might not even step inside if the exterior puts them off. So, it’s like playing a high-reward game; it could be a massive hit or a bit of a miss,’ he says. Plus, while dark red might look ‘stunning’ in the spring and summer, the expert warns that it can appear ‘a tad gloomy in overcast conditions or winter months.’

‘Therefore, you might want to consider your local climate and how the color might play throughout the seasons,’ he says.

If the color is right for your home, we recommend picking up a sample of this deep red via Backdrop below.

Self-Portrait Sample

This deep, rich red-wine red is designed to withstand exterior elements. It’s known to apply and wash easily, so our homes will continue to impress.