Sunnyvale’s Elephant Floors: A Trusted Name in Flooring Excellence and Variety | Marketplace

In Sunnyvale, Elephant Floors has become a leading flooring supplier in the Bay area recognized for their outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology in the flooring industry.

Today, flooring is more than just a practical necessity; it expresses style and comfort. Elephant Floors understands this and has expanded its services to include many brands and vendors, catering to diverse client needs. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by their strategy of providing complimentary samples, allowing customers to envision their flooring options from the comfort of their homes. Through this personal touch, the company has earned the trust of residential and commercial clients throughout the Bay Area.

Aside from providing samples, Elephant Floors offers various materials from a carefully curated line of brands. Providing accurate, detailed free quotes is part of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, demonstrated by its complimentary pick-up service, which collects samples from customers’ homes. Clients can make informed decisions about their flooring projects, regardless of their preferred brand, from the showroom’s extensive selection, which includes Medieval, Everbright, Preverco, Velichor, Gaia, Tri-West, Mirage, Compass Flooring, Lago Flooring, Cali Flooring, Country Wood, USC, SLCC, and Bentham Plank.

What sets Elephant Floors apart, is their attention to customer satisfaction and its range of brands and suppliers. Upon stepping into their showroom, the team of professionals are able to help navigate clients through various options from diverse brands, encompassing a variety of wood types, colors, and finishes.

Their dedication to the customer experience is reflected in the company’s impressive ratings on platforms such as Yelp, Google, Angi, and Houzz. With prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale’s, Westfield Valley Fair, and Bamboo Sushi on board, Elephant Floors continues its ongoing dedication to providing high-quality products.

Additionally, Elephant Floors utilizes cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the flooring process. Laser measuring and blueprinting eliminate guesswork, allowing customers to obtain on-the-spot labor cost estimates, saving them time and money. Taking into consideration budget constraints, the company provides a variety of financing options for its clients, making high-quality flooring from a variety of brands and vendors more accessible.

Looking ahead, Elephant Floors has ambitious plans that include establishing a chain of showrooms that offers heightened accessibility and convenience while bringing together an even broader spectrum of brands and vendors under a single roof.

For a first-hand experience of Elephant Floors’ exceptional quality, customer service, and the diverse array of brands and vendors they offer, visit their Sunnyvale showroom today.