These Are the Best Home Security Systems

These Are the Best Home Security Systems

If you’re thinking about investing in a home security system, you don’t have to stick with expensive options that cost an arm and a leg. Instead, you can go with one of the many DIY security options available: These services allow you to pick and choose what kind of protection you need, so that you can personalize your home’s protection as much as you want.

SimpliSafe: home protection simplified

Everything you need to know about this home security system is in the name. SimpliSafe’s products—including the various kits you can choose from—are easy to work with. Once you buy, install your security system using nothing but your home toolset, and you’re ready to go.

Of course, like most of the options on this list, you’ll need to pay a fee if you want professional monitoring, and it doesn’t have the advanced wifi integrations of other platforms, but you can set up your SimpliSafe system with your Alexa or Google-powered devices for even more smart home integration. SimpliSafe also offers a ton of different sensors, as well as home security cameras, so that you can mix and match whatever you need to fit your home’s security system.

SimpliSafe starts at $250—but runs deals on its packages all the time—and offers monthly subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $29.99.

Ring Alarm Pro: professional quality in a DIY package

Ring was one of the first companies to offer DIY security systems, and despite its device prices, the Ring Alarm Pro is still one of the best in the business. You can choose from multiple starter kits, and connect your Ring Alarm system up to your Video Doorbell, as well as your indoor and outdoor security cameras.

The Ring Alarm Pro also sports a built-in wifi router, cellular-powered backups, and local and professional-level monitoring (though at a monthly fee). The only real drawbacks with Ring are the concerns over the company’s privacy practices, but it’s still undeniably one of the best DIY home security systems on the market right now. The setup instructions can be a little confusing, but once you figure it out, it’s easy to expand your system however you need. If you want to record video from your Video Doorbell or security cameras, you will need to upgrade to a monthly plan.

A Ring Alarm Pro system starts at $300 (again, with frequent discounts), and offers 24/7 professional monitoring for $20 a month.

Wyze: the budget option

Wyze has made quite the name for itself by offering budget-friendly tech with ridiculously good features: the Wyze Home Monitoring system continues the company’s trend of offering great tech at affordable prices. Much like SimpliSafe, Wyze allows you to fully customize your starter kit, offering access to various sensors and cameras all for different prices. There is a monthly monitoring fee if you want to take full advantage of its functions, but that subscription caps out at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

You can always find deals on Wyze, too, with many offering up to six months of home monitoring plus your security kit for just $150. The downside here is that Wyze doesn’t offer any kind of cellular backup, so if your internet goes out, you won’t be able to stay connected.

Wyze Home Security kits start at $100, but you can also mix and match to your specifications on Wyze’s website.

Arlo: the all-in-one sensor

The Arlo Home Security system is one of the most intriguing on this list, because its sensors offer so much versatility. Where many alarm systems require you to utilize a variety of different sensors for specific situations, Arlo relies on multipurpose sensors that have eight different potential functions. That includes motion detection, water leak detection, open window and door detection, tilt detection for garage doors, temperature change detections for freezing pipes, and even smoke alarm detection. That empowers you to move your Arlo sensors wherever you want if needs change, without having to buy a new sensor to fulfill a specific function.

Further, you can customize the Arlo kit to determine which sensors and devices fit you best, allowing you to create the perfect DIY home security system without too much work. There is a monthly monitoring fee, which caps out at $24.99 per month, and gives you access to live security experts, video verification and escalation, as well as cellular and battery backup. You don’t have to purchase the monitoring service, though.

Kits for Arlo start at $199, though they can often be found on sale.

Which home security system fits your needs best?