To paint-or-not to paint, that is just one of the questions?

To paint-or-not to paint, that is just one of the questions?

My wife and I are about to embark on the biggest home improvement project of the summer, painting our house.

You see this has been something we have tossed around for the last 5-6 years; however, we have never followed through with the plan. Actually I’m not sure if we really have ever got as far as a plan.

There is some hesitancy in changing the current color from a soft beige to, well we really don’t know what color. We have dark brown gutters and soffits so we are not sure what color would go best.

I have been googling which colors will go best with the dark brown and I have come up with blues, grays and of course white. Other colors would include a darker beige, rust and orange, but those colors were never really given any consideration. I think the beige with the current white trim would be an easy cover.

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I think more-often-than not, I think we purposely talk ourselves out of doing the project because, well we have a lot of irons in the fire right now that still need to get done.

The projects that we have undertaken this spring so far have included painting my daughter’s house, moving in about four yards of dirt that has set there for about two weeks and we also had a tree cut down and mulched up into a pile which is about 60% gone.

Another project that is also in the works is a new deck and handicap ramp for my daughter for her son Cash who is two ½ years old but cannot walk due to a stroke at the time of birth. He continues to improve, but it is going to be a long and time-consuming haul before he gets to that point.

So, it’s pretty easy to see why my golf clubs have not yet seen the light of day and with baseball and softball season really kicking into high gear with state softball and both district and state baseball ahead, they just may be sitting there most of the summer.

I’m not over-zealous about the project of painting the house, but sometimes changing things up can be a good thing. I have a feeling if we go through with it, Fourth of July weekend is the time it will most likely will get done.

I’ll keep you updated.

Men’s College World Series

Who do you have dogpiling and lifting the trophy in Omaha this year.

Last week I said that Tennessee, Kentucky, Virgina, Clemson, Oregon, Florida State, Georgia and North Carolina and would be the eight teams in Omaha.

I completely missed the Oregon at Texas A&M series which was won by the Aggies 2-0 and Florida knocked out Clemson 2-0.

I also missed on the North Carolina State at Georgia series won by the Wolfpack 2-1.

Looking at the first-round matchups and the teams in the field I see a high-scoring College World Series.

If I had to pick the two teams who will play the best-of-three series to determine the winner, I would have to go with Tennessee and Texas A&M. There are two teams I am not comfortable picking against and that is the Virginia Cavaliers and head coach Brian O’Connor and North Carlina State.

O’Connor has been the coach at Virginia for 21-years which is a lot of baseball knowledge to bet against.

In 2021 the NC State Wolfpack was sent home prior to their matchup with Vanderbilt due to COVID-19 protocols. Vanderbilt was awarded the final spot in the finals to face Mississippi State.

Sometimes it’s just not wise to bet against a possible team of destiny.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have to travel just be careful and be safe.