What Your Refrigerator Decor Says About You

A wristband from a 76ers vs. Raptors game. It was one of the first dates I went on with my now fiancé. A friend graciously let me borrow his floor seats, as I wanted to impress Dave, who loves basketball.

What conscious choices, if any, did you make when decorating your fridge?

I love collaging, so in general, naturally, it’s a collage of things I love.

Who or what is most prominently featured on your fridge?

A hand-drawing that a man at a restaurant made of me. It was a funny thing where he kept looking at us and we didn’t know what was going on, and then he brought this over as we were paying our check. I don’t think it looks like me at all.

What is something you always have stocked inside your fridge?

Greek yogurt and seltzer water. We consume so much of both!

A fridge is not complete without ______ inside of it.

Hot sauce, ketchup, a jar of pickled onions, and mini snickers bars.

What is your favorite decoration on your fridge?

My favorite thing is a custom-printed, clear plastic photo magnet from my nephew Paxton’s baptism swag bag. I wasn’t able to attend but made sure to grab one. Pax is pictured in his newborn form, just before he got cute, and is all red-faced and squishy, eyes shut as if he just got out of the womb. It’s just really funny to me in my gay and gorgeous apartment, especially with the scroll banner being held over his head by a dove that says, in all caps, “WELCOME TO THE CHRISTIAN WORLD, PAXTON.”

What conscious choices, if any, did you make when decorating your fridge?

All the things on my fridge make me happy. They are sweet little landmarks on the way to food that make me chuckle or shed one single tear. I have postcards and drawings from friends who all happen to be brilliant artists and love notes from my beloveds that I like to stop and read sometimes. I’ve got a typewritten letter from artist Maia Ruth Lee when she moved to Colorado during the pandemic from NYC; a congrats note from my little brother on Baccarat stationary, when he sent me carved crystal champagne flutes to congratulate me on releasing my first cookbook; a one-off sculptural magnet from my friend and jewelry designer Hannah Jewett; a top-hat-shaped magnet from artist Maggie Lee, which was her late dad’s magician calling card; and a faux-aged scroll-shaped birthday card dipped in coffee with edges burnt and written with painted “Shakespearean font” that was given to me by artist Meriem Bennani, before my Renaissance-fair bus-party birthday trip last year.

Who or what is most prominently featured on your fridge?

I’ve got three pieces of art of my dog, Potion. He’s an exceptionally handsome toy poodle and muse. My girlfriend, who is an illustrator, drew Poe in various forms (one of which we call a collab because Poe immediately chewed that one up); and [the fridge also features] a watercolor painting from Bobbi Menuez they did poolside in Miami during our friend’s bachelorx party.