13 best home security cameras and systems of 2023, per experts

Approximately 3,300 burglaries happen per day with over 1 million burglaries committed each year in the U.S. That said, it’s important to invest in a quality home security system for peace of mind.

While those are big, daunting numbers, there is another that highlights a key contributor: 300% of homes without a security system are more likely to be burglarized. Unfortunately, less than 30% of homes have an effective security system installed.

“Keeping your home safe should be a top priority,” Brian Shaunfield, store manager at Charlotte area Lowe’s, told the New York Post. “A home security system helps protect both your family and your valuables and overall makes your space feel safer.”

To help you find the right home security camera to keep you and your loved ones safe, we listed top security camera brands below, such as Blink, Ring, Night Owl and more. Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes are just a few of the places we like to shop these expert picks.

Other home security camera systems we like:

What’s more, Shaunfield highlights the different home security systems on the market in our in-depth FAQ section following the expert-backed product recommendations.

You can also discover the best home safes to protect your belongings here.

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Best Home Security Camera Systems

Defender 4K Ultra Wired 8-Camera Security System, $279 to $365



  • Defender cameras are rated IP67, making them water and dust resistant
  • Notifications can be sent straight to your phone when motion is detected


  • Some reviewers say its night vision settings could be improved

“The Defender surveillance camera system is a hardwired system that includes eight 1080p security-system cameras with a 4K Cleavu Ultra-HD security-camera system,” Shaunfield highlights. “It also includes a built-in 2TB DVR to store and encrypt security footage.”

More, this security camera system boasts the clarity of a standard 1080p security system camera with its 4K Cleavu (8.3 million pixels) ultra-HD security system.

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Home Security System Kit, $250

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Home Security System Kit
Best Buy


  • Includes an intuitive keypad for in-home control and sensors that detect unexpected motion and when a door or window opens
  • Stay secure during an outage with a 24-hour backup battery
  • Works with Alexa

“This bestselling Ring system includes a base station, keypad, door/window contact senior, motion detector and range extender,” Shaunfield lists. “It’s a great fit for condos and apartments with one to two bedrooms.”

Plus, it’s backed by more than 17,000 rave reviews on Amazon, namely for its Alexa-compatible design and value-driven features, like an intuitive keypad with emergency buttons and smaller contact sensors that won’t be an eyesore.

Swann Swann Home Security Alert Kit, $140

Swann Swann Home Security Alert Kit


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Compact and waterproof
  • Easily integrated into Google and Alexa devices


  • Some reviewers say its door sensors could be improved

“This Swann Security system includes motion, window and door sensors throughout the home to detect unexpected events,” Shaunfield notes. “It can be integrated into a complete security system with your Swann Security IP Cams, or DVR and NVR systems — all managed on the Swann Security App.”

Not to mention, it’s readily accessible to order online and doesn’t require any central hub.

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System, $280

Four camera security system with dvr.


  • More than 2,000 five star reviews on Amazon
  • Available in multiple packs
  • Works with Alexa


  • Some reviewers report having difficulty running the cables during installation

If you like our expert’s pick from Swan but had something a little bigger in mind, give this security system a try. Camera packs start at two and go up to 12, and there’s even an option for 16 channel motion detection! Alerts can be sent to your phone whenever a noise (or something suspicious) is detected, and there’s even a pre-installed 1TB HDD that can be enabled for non-stop recording, 365 days a year!

SimpliSafe Smart Battery-Operated Home Security System, $130 to $200

SimpliSafe Smart Battery-Operated Home Security System


  • Set up within minutes with no tools or drilling needed
  • Long range to cover your home without need for a range extender
  • Works with Alexa

“The SimpliSafe home security system is designed to beautifully blend right into your home,” Shaunfield points out.”The base station includes a built-in 24-hour battery backup along with dual Wi-Fi and cellular connection, a built-in 95dB siren, keypad, motion sensor, key fob and three entry sensors.”

Not to mention, it has a near-five-star rating on Amazon for being easy to use and install.

Home Zone Security Smart Home Security System, $43 to $50

Home Zone Security Smart Home Security System


  • Easy set up and installation with no subscription required
  • Battery in base station can be recharged up to 500x


  • Some (picky) reviewers say its alarm ring tones could be better

“This kit includes five contact sensors and a base station with a 120 dB alarm to deter unwanted visitors,” Shaunfield says. “It comes with a Home Zone Smart app to arm or disarm the sensors and sends push notifications straight to your mobile device when any sensors are triggered.”

Not to mention, its affordable price point makes it one of the best options for your money.

Crystal Vision 4-Camera Wireless Outdoor Security System, $330 to $404

Crystal Vision 4-Camera Wireless Outdoor Security System


  • Includes three infrared light (super LED) strong night visions with up to 120 ft. distance range
  • 15 ft. power extension cable for each camera included

“This 4-channel wireless security system has a full HD auto-pair system with four 2MP cameras,” Shaunfield highlights. “Simply mount the cameras, plug the power cords in and your system is set up!”

Plus, a power extension is included for easy installation. What’s better than that?

Lorex Fusion 4K Security Camera System , $600

Four camera home security system.


  • Color night vision
  • Can be controlled from phone


  • May be temperamental in wet conditions

While our experts didn’t mention these outdoor security cameras from Lorex, we thought they were worth including. Besides four cameras coming in an order (one for each side of your house), the system has colored night vision. Everything can be controlled from your phone, no matter where if you’re home or out at a restaurant. According to the manufacturer, it’s weatherproof. However, based off some reviews, we’d suggest placing the equipment somewhere with overhead protection.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus Outdoor Smart Security Camera, $200 to $250

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus Outdoor Smart Security Camera


  • Eliminate blind spots or dark areas with built-in color night vision and two LED spotlights
  • Ability to customize your motion zones to focus on important areas in your yard
  • Works with Alexa

Protect large outdoor areas like the driveway, garage or backyard with motion-activated LED floodlights, 1080p HD vide and a built-in security siren.

“You can also use the Ring App to see what’s happening outside, turn on the lights, speak to visitors and sound the siren as needed,” Shaunfield adds.

Blink Battery-Operated Wireless Smart Outdoor Security Camera 5-Pack, $280 to $380

Blink Battery-Operated Wireless Smart Outdoor Security Camera 5-Pack


  • With long-lasting battery life, these cameras can run for up to two years on a single set of AA lithium batteries
  • Be able to see, hear and speak to visitors with motion detection alerts and live view on your phone in the Blink home monitor App


  • Some reviewers say the video quality could be clearer

“These battery-operated outdoor cameras are sleek and weather resistant to withstand the elements,” Shaunfield says. “The cameras feature motion detection and live view.”

Not to mention, they’re backed by a whopping 24,000+ rave reviews on Amazon, namely for its two-way audio features and paired app connectivity. Another option we like from Blink? The Blink Mini ($35). It’s great for monitoring what happens inside (we’re talking to you folks with kids or roommates) and works with the Blink Doorbell.

eufy Outdoor Security Camera, $200

Two kit home security cameras.


  • More than 13,000 reviews on Amazon
  • 180 day battery life
  • Wireless


  • Alerts via push notifications

If you’re in the market for wireless security cameras, we wanted to add this as an option. A great choice for renters (or those who aren’t super handy) the 2-pack home camera security kit is fairly easy to install and has lots of fans on Amazon. Offering motion detection and night vision, consider it your official security guard while you’re sleeping. One customer had this to say:

“Love the cameras and the app. Super simple to set up. The only thing that I needed help with was mounting them, so my husband did that part. Video is super. Love this product. Highly recommend.”

Best Doorbell Cameras

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired Smart Video Doorbell Camera, $170 to $250

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired Smart Video Doorbell Camera


  • Be able to talk, see, hear and speak to people from your phone or tablet with 1080p HD video and two-way talk
  • Has dual-band 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Some reviewers say it’s not the best WiFi adapter, though overall, the model is an improvement from the brand’s first release

“This hardwired doorbell features advanced security and an ultra-slim design,” Shaunfield highlights. “It sends instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in, customizable motion sensors.”

Google Nest Doorbell Battery Wireless Smart WiFi Doorbell Security Camera, $150 to $180

Google Nest Doorbell Battery Wireless Smart WiFi Doorbell Security Camera


  • Be able to talk, see, hear and speak to people from your phone or tablet with 1080p HD video and two-way talk
  • Has dual-band 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity

“This battery-powered doorbell works with any home and has easy installation,” Shaunfield explains. “It allows users to talk and listen to visitors at the door even while away through the Google Home app.”

Plus, it comes in a variety of different shades on Amazon, specifically, and is adored for its responsive motion alerts.

An FAQ on Home Security Systems

Ahead, Braunfield shares the important information to keep on deck when shopping for the right home security system for you.

What to look for in a home security system, according to an expert

As with anything else, home security systems come in a wide variety of styles and are packed with different features.

“To ensure you have visibility to the outside of your home and surroundings, consider an entry door viewer or video doorbell to identify any potential visitors and package deliveries,” Shaunfield tells The Post. “Also consider installing security cameras and outdoor lighting throughout your home and exterior, both of which are especially handy at night.” Motion detectors are also a good way to keep your home secured. 

Consider good locks for every entryway, too, including windows and other doors. “For example, if you have sliding doors on the patio, it’s important to consider securing that entrance with a security bar,” Shaunfield notes. “Deadbolt locks are also an inexpensive way to supplement standard locksets on exterior doors for added safety and security.”

What different home security systems exist on the market?

There are many different home security systems designed to fit your needs, with a wide range of systems and customizable kits. Depending on features you need, you can choose systems with video storage, night vision, remote live-viewing, emergency features and professional monitoring capabilities. 

There are also smart home security systems like the Ring home security system, which works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings, per Shaunfield.

“Additionally, you can look for systems with wired or wireless designs,” he instructs. “Wireless devices feature easier installation and connect to your Wi-Fi for operation.”

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