Golden woman to get $3,000 back after months-long flooring subcontractor delays

Golden woman to get ,000 back after months-long flooring subcontractor delays

GOLDEN, Colo. — Elke Alcott has had a lot of sleepless nights after she started a renovation project at her Golden home.

“I’ve been widowed since 2006. And in January, my last kitty passed away. So this home renovation project was supposed to be part of getting my bearings back,” she said. “But instead, I’ve been sleeping in the living room since March.”

Receipts show Alcott bought new vinyl flooring and carpet from Home Depot in January. She hired Hom Solutions, a Home Depot service provider, for the installation.

Alcott moved the furniture out of her bedroom and basement to prepare. On install day, she said a subcontractor named Julian Soto with IVS Renovations told her she would have to test for asbestos before the work could be done, unless she canceled the contract with Home Depot and hired him directly.

“He offered to put the floor in without the testing, and then he could do it for me faster and cheaper,” Alcott said. “I am also responsible for this. I was too trusting.”

Alcott canceled the contract with Home Depot. After Soto installed the vinyl flooring, documents show Alcott wrote him a $3,000 check for carpet she said never came.

According to text messages, his installation date promises went from April to May to June to July.

“He never showed. And I actually contacted him four days before, and one day before to make sure that he doesn’t forget me. And he never answered. So, that was the last straw,” said Alcott, who then reached out to Home Depot, Hom Solutions, and the Golden Police Department. “Nothing has happened, and so I felt powerless. And I reached out to Channel 7 because I thought maybe you can help me.”

Soto has not responded to requests for comment, but Home Depot and Hom Solutions immediately worked to correct the problem.

Steven Johnson, chief operating officer for Hom Solutions, said Soto was a longtime contractor who had no previous issues.

“We have strict rules, and he broke all of those. We have a way to make it right,” said Johnson.

Hom Solutions said it will refund Alcott her $3,000, order her carpet and install it.

“Weight lifted off my shoulders,” said Alcott. “Thank you very much. I’m floored — no pun intended.”

She said she will sleep much better when she can finally move her furniture back into her bedroom.

In a statement to Contact Denver7, a Home Depot spokesman said IVS Renovations is not one of its service providers, saying, “It’s important for your viewers to know that we regularly screen, evaluate and continuously monitor our service providers. It’s a rigorous process, and if we do see a pattern of performance problems, we will terminate the relationship.”

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