How to unlock Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising

Having matching floors in your castle is not only about looks but also efficiency. Tailor stations benefit from being placed in rooms with Tailor’s Flooring, so here’s how to get Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising.

How to get Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising

Unlock it in the Study

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Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising is a random unlock in the Study. Similarly to the Research Desk, you have to spend Scrolls a the Study to unlock a random technology, which could be the Tailor’s Flooring.

To unlock the Study, you must defeat Maja the Dark Servant level 47 V Blood boss. She’s located in The Forbidden Tower, at the very east of Dunley Farmlands. The fight is nothing special; she has a few targeted attacks, one AoE, but she can also summon a lot of demons to her side. Defeat Maja, then head back and build the Study in your castle.

After building a Study, head to it and use Scrolls to unlock random technologies. One technology costs 75 Scrolls, and you can make more of them at the Paper Press. To make four Scrolls, you need the following resources:

There are over 50 technologies at the Study, so you have to get really lucky to quickly unlock Tailor’s Flooring.

Buy it from the Rural Book Merchant

Tailor's Flooring book at the merchant in V Rising
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If you desperately want to get Tailor’s Flooring, you can also buy it from the Rural Book Merchant in Dunley Farmlands for 64 Silver Coins. The merchant is located in the Dunley Farmers Market, right above the Dunley Farmlands title on the map.

Carrying Silver Coins damages you, and you have to enter the marketplace in the human form, so make sure you don’t engage in any unnecessary conflicts and don’t have more coins than you need.

What is Tailor’s Flooring used for in V Rising

V Rising Loom with the Tailor's Flooring buff
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The Tailor’s Flooring is required to improve Tailor stations, much like every other flooring does with its respective rooms. As long as the following buildings are in an enclosed castle room with Tailor’s Flooring (and Tailor’s Flooring only), they get a 25 percent reduced production cost:

  • Loom
  • Tannery
  • Tailoring Bench

Make sure to place a Castle Entrance to separate the Tailor’s room from the rest of the castle. You don’t have to add gates to it if you don’t want to, but the Entrance itself is needed to create an enclosed space.

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