Pesticides, herbicides are unnecessary and dangerous

Blossoms of native firebush add striking color to your garden while attracting numerous pollinators and hummingbirds.

I’ve discussed the dangers of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in previous articles, but after speaking to numerous acquaintances recently, I was startled to learn how few people actually realize the staggering amount of chemicals used on a regular basis in Palm Beach.

Let’s start with lawns. Every year, U.S. homeowners apply an estimated 80 million pounds of pesticides and fertilizers to their lawns, mostly for aesthetic reasons. Yet they remain unaware of the serious health problems associated with exposure to these chemicals. These petrochemicals have been linked to numerous cancers, leukemia, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory disorders, and birth defects.

Regulations on marketing and use of these potentially dangerous products are minimal at best. All pesticides carry an EPA registration number, and list active ingredients and instructions for use. Warnings about potential long-term chronic health effects are not required.