Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 helps nonprofit Housing Partnership better serve clients

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 helps nonprofit Housing Partnership better serve clients


LOCAL 562 VOLUNTEERS who helped with the Housing Partnership project included (from left) Matt Waters and Lucas Forrester with Bieg Plumbing; Brock Bagsby with Frey Plumbing; Don Gallo with Bieg Plumbing; Local 562 Instructor Tom Madden; Carter Keim with Murphy Company; Matt Hancock with Deluca Plumbing; and Alex Link with Murphy Company. – Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 photos

Local 562, signatory contractors donate labor and materials for bathroom installation


Lemay, MO – Volunteers from Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562, Bieg Plumbing, Frey Plumbing, Murphy Company and DeLuca Plumbing recently completed the conversion of a first floor closet to a functional restroom at the office of The Housing Partnership (THP), a nonprofit in St. Louis County.

The addition will assist THP’s clients, a great many whom are elderly and disabled. Prior to the conversion, only a second floor facility was available.

Headquartered in Lemay, the Housing Partnership is a community development corporation, which for 26 years has provided residential development services, homebuying assistance, and home repair/maintenance/modification programming for low-to-moderate-income residents of unincorporated Lemay, Affton, and Mehlville.

Volunteering their time and expertise for the project were Local 562 Instructor Tom Madden, Brock Bagsby with Frey Plumbing, Matt Hancock with DeLuca Plumbing, Carter Keim and Alex Link with Murphy Company, and Matt Waters, Lucas Forrester and Don Gallo with Bieg Plumbing.

This is the fourth volunteer initiative spearheaded by Madden, a Housing Partnership board member. and an active member of Local 562.

“Since I was an apprentice, Local 562 has always been involved in programs helping people who may not be able to do the work themselves or afford to hire a plumbing company,” Madden said.  “We are blessed to have these skills that we learn in school and be able to use them to help people in our communities, which is not only rewarding, but the right thing to do.”

Toilet and sink fixtures for the project were generously donated by Wholesale Plumbing, with labor & materials provided by volunteers from Local 562, and the permit pulled by Frey Plumbing.

Kevin Poe, executive director of the Housing Partnership said, “The group was enthusiastic, hardworking, and proud of the opportunity to utilize their professional skillset in service to the community.”

DON GALLO (left) and Lucas Forrester (right) install the new sink.
MATT HANCOCK fits into a tight squeeze to work beneath the building.
MATT WATTERS (left) and Alex Link check the piping needs for the new bathroom.
BROCK BAGSBY (left), Alex Link (center), and Matt Watters get ready for the next stage of the project.