The best ways to clean laminate floors to last for years

If you’re looking for an alternative to carpet or more expensive hardwood floors, laminate flooring could be right up your street. But it’s important to know the best ways to clean laminate floors to make it worth your while. 

And while laminate flooring was once considered hardwood flooring’s cheaper and less attractive cousin, there’s no doubt that times have changed. Sure, laminate flooring is still a fraction of the price, but the much-improved, higher-quality designs have since made laminate flooring more popular than ever. 

But while laminate flooring is celebrated for being much easier to clean than some of the wood flooring ideas on the market, do you actually know how to clean it? Well, if you’ve been mopping your laminate flooring, we’re here to tell you that you’ve been doing it all wrong.

A kitchen with light laminate flooring

(Image credit: The Wood Flooring Co.)

Best ways to clean laminate floors