TP-Link review | The Independent

TP-Link review | The Independent

TP-Link does not offer any ready-made packages, unlike most of its competitors. However, it does offer a good variation in equipment types with various indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors available. 

TP-Link’s equipment is all connected via the Tapo Smart Hub, which is connected to your home network – through this, users are able to monitor their smart home security system via Tapo’s app.

Since TP-Link doesn’t provide home security packages, we’ve curated three different use case packages for small, medium and larger homes that should help you decide which pieces of equipment would be best suited to your home’s design and size. 

Suggested package: Best for small homes

      • 1 x Smart hub
      • 1x Outdoor security camera
      • 1x Contact sensor
      • 1x Battery video doorbell 
  • Upfront cost: £244.96
  • Monthly fee: £2.49 to £9.99

Small homes can usually be protected with fewer pieces of equipment than larger homes, though it is important that those pieces cover the main areas that could be under threat from any type of intruder. 

TP-Link’s outdoor camera provides great protection and can reveal bright colour images, even in low-light conditions. The camera has a 2K QHD live view, it’s wireless, comes with cloud storage and has a field of view of 127 degrees. 

As well as an outdoor camera, the smart video doorbell not only allows for a clear view of who is on the other side of your door but allows for a two-way audio experience for convenience and safety. 

The contact sensor allows users to know when a door is being opened or closed. TP-Link’s smart contact sensor sends real-time alerts via the Tapo app and also has the ability to turn on lights automatically when you open the door, so long as you have installed smart light bulbs. 

For every TP-Link home security system that you curate, you’ll need to purchase a Smart Hub. This will connect all of your devices together via your home network and allow for monitoring via the Tapo app. 

Suggested package: Best for medium homes

      • 1x Smart hub
      • 1x Outdoor pan/tilt camera,
      • 2x Contact sensor
      • 1x Motion sensor
      • 1x Smart battery video doorbell
  • Monthly fee: £2.49 to £9.99

When our researchers considered what pieces of equipment were required for a medium-sized home, the emphasis was not only on the outside but also protecting the inside. 

For a medium home, we chose the Outdoor Pan/Tilt Security Wifi Camera, which allows for a higher level of protection than the outdoor camera we chose for smaller homes. It provides 360 degrees horizontal and 130 degrees vertical view range with built-in spotlights for full-colour night vision. It tracks motion with high-speed rotation with a 2k resolution.

Much like for smaller homes, a smart motion sensor will give users the ability to monitor any opened or closed doors via the Tapo app. This sensor is usually placed inside the home and can capture motion from up to seven metres away. The motion sensor, when in away mode, will alert you via the app if it detects movement. It can also control smart lights based on your schedule and movement and turn on connected smart devices when you come and go – as long as you have set this up in the Tapo app.

TP-Link’s smart video doorbell not only captures live footage in low-light conditions but has two-way audio that allows users to communicate with someone outside, while remaining safe in their homes. The video doorbell can also detect whether there is a person or a vehicle in view of the camera and send an alert via the Tapo app if you’re away from home. 

All of the above equipment pieces will need to be connected to the Smart Hub. This device connects to your home network.  

Suggested package: Best for large homes

      • 1x Smart hub
      • 2x Wire-free security camera system 
      • 1x Battery video doorbell
      • 2x Contact sensor 
      • 2x Motion sensor
      • 1x Humidity and temperature sensor
      • 1x Indoor pan/tilt home camera
  • Upfront cost: £475.90
  • Monthly fee: £2.49 to £9.99

Unsurprisingly, larger homes usually require more pieces of equipment to best protect them. With more entry points, it’s best to install more cameras and motion sensors to ensure a good level of security. 

TP-Link offers a camera bundle that is ideal for larger homes. The smart wire-free security camera system includes two cameras that can be installed outside – either in the front of your home to span a large area, or one outside the front door and the other placed at the rear of the property. 

The smart camera has a 180-day battery life and comes fitted with a low protocol that extends usage; its battery is rechargeable, too. The cameras can be installed wherever suits your home, thanks to them being wire-free. Much like other TP-Link cameras, you can view a live feed via the Tapo app, but with the smart wire-free security camera, there’s also an in-built alarm that can notify you of an intruder. This added layer of protection is triggered when motion is detected, sounding an alarm that aims to deter unwanted visitors. 

For larger homes, sensors inside as well as mounted door sensors are beneficial. It’s important to protect your entry points, and TP-Links smart contact sensor does that by sending alerts via the Tapo app if the door is opened or closed. This sensor can be placed either at the back or front door, or both if you purchase more than one.  

The smart motion sensor is battery-powered and can be wall mounted in a place that suits your home. It connects to the smart hub and can detect motion of up to seven metres away with a 120-degree view. Larger homes might also benefit from purchasing two of these, placing one upstairs and one downstairs allowing for comprehensive protection. 

Both the humidity and temperature sensor and the indoor pan tilt home security wifi camera are well-suited to larger homes and especially for homeowners who may be away from home for long periods of time. 

The humidity and temperature sensor sends alerts to the Tapo app wherever levels fall outside of preset levels – this is customisable in the app. The highly accurate sensor sends data every two seconds and can be integrated into your smart home ecosystem by pairing up the sensor with smart fans, heaters and humidifiers. 

Installing TP-Link’s indoor home security camera comes with a plethora of benefits. The camera works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and has two-way audio for convenient communication. It records in ultra-high definition day and night with a 360 degrees pan and tilt ability allowing for a wide view range. Since the camera comes with advanced night vision that can record images from up to nine metres away, it’s a great way to guard your home at night time. In the event of an intruder, its sound and light alarm will trigger sound and light effects to deter unwanted visitors. As well as this, when motion is detected you’ll receive notifications via the Tapo app.