I found a way to build a tiny home ‘for free’ – but plumbers are all pointing out my major errors while building

A TIKTOK creator has revealed how he has found a way to build a tiny home “for free” – but some people are disagreeing with how he’s putting it together.

The TikTok user, who goes by the handle @edentinyhomes, explained how to achieve such a low-priced home in one of his TikTok videos.


TikTok user @edentinyhomes talks about how to achieve such a low-priced home in one of his videosCredit: TikTok/edentinyhomes
He even offered some insight into how he put together his plumbing


He even offered some insight into how he put together his plumbingCredit: TikTok/edentinyhomes

In the post, captioned “Free Tiny Home,” he explains: “So if you’re looking to build a tiny house with an income property but you don’t have any money, here’s how you can do it for free.

“If you sign up for Home Depot’s credit card, you can get these 24-month no-interest financing coupons where you can buy – if you spend over $2,000 – you can buy everything at once.

“Build your tiny home, Airbnb it and use the money that you’re Airbnb’ing it with to pay off your credit card.

“And then in the end you have the tiny home absolutely free.”

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However, one TikTok user slammed his “free” home by commenting, “on credit isn’t free dawg,” while another wrote, “Income property that makes the money back before the Cc is due.”

Meanwhile, in a video labeled “Start of our plumbing,” TikToker @edentinyhomes revealed how the plumbing is laid out and the holes that they started drilling.

He mentioned that the plumbing needed to “drain down” before showing the curved pipe for under the tiny house’s toilet.

The TikTok creator also pointed out the pieces for the plumbing that will be for the bathroom sink and for the kitchen.

He then said more plumbing would be put in the shower area.

One critic responded to his video saying: “Literally every fitting layout is against code.”

Another commented: “Hey bud, plumber here. Try using a three-inch wye (a fitting that looks like a lowercase y) and a closet 90 instead of that tee. Then just put your clean out on one of the branches coming off.”

Additional footage of @edentinyhomes’ plumbing situation, shows him explaining how the plumbing was cemented in and some pieces were going to be moved to allow for more room for the toilet, and the sink and vent pipe would be in different areas than originally planned.

But commenters, once against, put down the TikToker’s plumbing work, with one insisting, “the whole thing is not legal,” asking if it was a joke.

“That tee in the wall near toilet is installed backwards. it’s wrong,” wrote another critic, which others commented in agreement.

Others complained, saying, “Literally everything wrong. lmao good job,” and, “I hope this is a joke all those backward fittings santees that are not allowed to be like that.”

The tiny home appears to be being built on wheels and although it may seem tedious for a nonplumber to set up the tiny house, some say it’s “not as hard as you think,” but it can be “expensive.”

Tiny House Expedition explains on its website: “A lot of people mistake the plumbing for a tiny house to be delicate work. Often, they associate it with tinier fixtures and parts which sounds tricky.

“In truth, tiny home plumbing is not much different from regular plumbing. It’s as easy as marking a space on your wall and fitting it there. And of course, there’s much less needed! Most tiny houses only have one sink, one shower, and one toilet.”

“The short-term cost for tiny indoor plumbing is cheaper than regular plumbing,” Tiny House Expedition adds.

“Testing and installation are more straightforward because of the more direct access to PVC piping beneath the sink and under the trailer. Unlike regular houses, you don’t need to dig through much to reach your pipe system.”

According to RidingTiny.com, the two ways you can bring water into your tiny home are either through on-grid (staying connected via a city hose or water hose) or off-grid (storing water in a water tank) plumbing.

The website’s basic plumbing tips are as follows:

“When plumbing your tiny home, it is completed in two stages: rough plumbing and finish plumbing.

“Rough plumbing consists of installing the water inlet, routing water pipes through wall cavities, and connecting the drain pipes together. During this phase, we install and route the pipes to end destinations such as the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, shower, and where water appliances are located.

“Finish plumbing refers to the type of work that is done after the rough plumbing and the interior work, such as drywall or interior siding, are completed.  During the finish plumbing phase, we connect the supply and drain lines to the plumbing fixtures and appliances.

“After the finish plumbing is completed, the tiny house is connected to the water source via water hose, and the new plumbing connections are tested for leaks.”

In response to the TikTok user's videos, some people who claim to have plumbing knowledge have criticized how @edentinyhomes is building his home


In response to the TikTok user’s videos, some people who claim to have plumbing knowledge have criticized how @edentinyhomes is building his homeCredit: TikTok/edentinyhomes