6 Flooring Trends Designers Love This Season

Beautiful flooring has the power to elevate a space like nothing else can, making it feel fresh and updated. On the other hand, old or damaged flooring can have the opposite effect, detracting from the furniture and decor in the room.

Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or embark on a major renovation with new flooring, here are six flooring trends for 2024 you should consider, according to interior designers.

Wood Patterns

Patterned flooring is having a moment right now. Designers, including Kate Dawson, love unique patterns in wood flooring. “Wood floors are still very popular,” she explains. “But rather than your basic straight wood floors—we’re seeing patterns, such as chevron and herringbone, being used more and more.” 

While it’s easy to confuse chevron and herringbone, Dawson tells me the difference is that chevron planks line up perfectly, whereas herringbone has an overlap.

Irregular Planking

Another trend that Dawson tells me has been popular with designers is irregular planks. “We’re also seeing more random wood floor patterns, especially wide planks of different lengths being laid down parallel to each other. It’s a less structured look that feels classic and modern at the same time.”

Irregular planking is a fantastic way to add warmth and interest to an otherwise minimalist room. It also complements exposed brick walls for a truly authentic feeling. 

Colorful Area Rugs

Don’t forget the rugs. Dawson couldn’t be more enthusiastic about adding a colorful rug to just about any space. “I’m seeing lots of excitement around bold and colorful area rugs! More and more people want to bring in color this way.” 

If you’re using a colorful area rug in a living room she recommends pairing it with a neutral sofa. “Just tie it together with a few colorful throw pillows and it works beautifully.”

Large Natural Stone Tiles

Bid farewell to tiny tiles like penny tiles. Dawson reveals that large natural stone tiles are having a moment this season. “These are oversized pieces that bring in a feeling of nature and earthiness that really ground a space. I love this look, and love that you can still add fun rugs while having these stones as a neutral background palette.” 

Erin Loscialpo and Meredith Gough of Darby Wallis Design tell me they’ve also seen larger tiles become more prominent in recent months. “When it comes to tile floors, there is a shift towards more traditional shapes such as brick and subway shapes, but with unique textures and perhaps a bigger footprint, in dark hues and installations in various patterns to keep it interesting and modern.”  

Mid-Tone Wood

While darker wood has had a bit of a resurgence and blonde woods have been in style for quite a long time now, interior designer Audrey Scheck tells her clients not to go with the trends and opt for something a little less dramatic instead. “When it comes to selecting the best wood species for your home, we gravitate toward mid-tone, wide plank floors with minimal knots. Oak is usually a safe bet, as it has beautiful undertones that provide character without too much drastic variation.”

Choosing a neutral wood means more flexibility for the future, which is what most people want with a major decision and expense like flooring.

Checkerboard Marble Tile

For a classic aesthetic you can’t go wrong with, Scheck loves checkerboard marble tile. It looks gorgeous in kitchens and entryways. “We expect to see consumers playing off of this trend in the coming season.”

While the square, black-and-white checkerboard look is timeless, Scheck says we’ll see more unique checkerboard-inspired installations with subtle variations on the tile shapes and arrangements.