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The best-kept secret for interior designers isn’t so secret anymore. Every year, Etsy sells millions of handmade, one-of-a-kind, and vintage items created by independent sellers around the world.

Popular for design experts, DIYers, and anyone interested in buying unique items from an online global marketplace, Etsy has a huge fan base. In fact, every 15 seconds, someone searches Etsy online for vintage or handmade furniture.

A recently released study, The Top 2023 Home Décor Trends, According to Etsy, reveals the top home décor trends so far this year, and interior design experts agree. While some trends from 2022 are still going strong, the latest emerging trends are rooted in tradition and a little unexpected.

Vintage Patterns

Younger generations are into old-school patterns. Nostalgic, beautiful, and cozy, these patterns are everywhere, from teacups to furniture, fabric, and wallpaper. Between February and April this year, Etsy saw drastic increases in online searches for various types of vintage patterns in home décor. For example, embroidered botanical pieces saw a 1,041% increase, while vintage wallpaper saw a 162% increase, and floral home décor saw a 118% jump.

Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trend expert and author of ‘The Top 2023 Home Décor Trends, According to Etsy,’ provided further insight into one of Etsy’s most popular trends while chatting with the New York Post. “Reminiscent of old country charm, traditional patterns like toile, chintz, and vintage floral prints are popping up everywhere from textiles to teacups, introducing a touch of eclectic nostalgia straight out of our regency romance dreams.”

Evelina Juzėnaitė, Principal Interior Designer at Planner 5D, also believes vintage is making a comeback. “This furniture seamlessly blends with various interior styles; it’s available in different colors and integrates bright elements. Before, clients used to prefer more neutral tones – brown, grey, etc. Now they are not afraid of something bright; it is not necessarily a sofa, but even bright cushions, vases, etc., which significantly impact the overall interior,” she points out.

Parisian Interiors

Chic Parisian interiors are a mix of classic and contemporary, often with dark woods, light walls with vintage finds like oil paintings, ornate frames, marble accents, and gilded mirrors. In the three months leading up to their 2023 study, Etsy saw increases in online searches for Parisian home décor pieces, including a 119% increase for wall mirrors, 96% for marble sinks, 67% for custom oil paintings, and 44% for ruffled duvet covers.

Regarding larger home décor pieces, Parisian interiors often showcase round furniture with dramatic curves. The movement is seen in either the sofa’s wings, arms, back, or the entire sofa itself, and the shape is often the furniture’s main attraction, not any added detailing.

Michelle Minch, LA Homes Stager and Chief Design Officer at Moving Mountains Design, attended the MOM Furniture Market in Paris earlier this year. She noticed that many pieces were curved and rounded and that Boucle’s fabrics were everywhere. After returning to the U.S., Michelle Minch received notifications from US vendors indicating new inventory – “it was all curves and lots of Boucle’! I am starting to see this trend showing up in interior design and home staging projects now.”

Evelina Juzėnaitė of Planner 5D agrees that curved elements are regaining popularity. “From shelves and cabinets with semi-circular details to sofas and bed headboards, these rounded and curved shapes add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any interior design.”


While this new trend is whimsical and even a little magical, the mermaid obsession has officially swum into the home décor world. Maybe the mermaidcore trend rose to home décor fame because of Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid release.

Or maybe it’s simply because the pieces and fun, playful, and easy to incorporate into any room’s design. In further conversation with the New York Post, Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, states, “This emerging ocean-inspired look is a much-welcomed extension of some of our favorite existing trends – like last summer’s crustaceancore and coastal grandmother – but with a more whimsical and playful twist,”

And according to TikTok, this trend is mainstream. The hashtag now has over 375 million views, highlighting how cheerful, easy, and budget-friendly it can be to infuse interiors with shells, bubbles, sea glass, pearls, and under-the-sea shapes. According to Etsy’s study, between February and April this year, Etsy saw increases in online searches for mermaid-core home décor items, including a 125% for scalloped runners, 30% for oyster shell ring dishes, 24% for mother-of-pearl trays, and 22% for bubble light fixtures or pendants.

Nature-Inspired Décor

According to Etsy, online searches for nature-inspired décor increased 218% between February and April 2023. A trend going strong since 2022, Evelina Juzėnaitė of Planner 5D states Biophilic design, which emphasizes a connection between nature and the artificial environment, is on the rise. She added, “There is a growing interest in adding plants, natural materials such as stone, wood, concrete, etc.,” claiming that “Such an interior seems soothing to many and creates a natural atmosphere.”

Jewelry for The Home

Small details can make big statements. Jewelry for the home adds eye-catching details that make interiors unique and oftentimes a little luxurious. From brass hardware to suncatchers, wall hooks, and knobs — a little jewelry is interesting and fun. and people are into it. Etsy saw a whopping 139% increase in gemstone décor this year.

Dark Wood

Light-colored Scandinavian-inspired wooden pieces are out, and darker, traditional-colored wood is in. According to Etsy, the company saw a 337% increase in online searches for walnut-colored desks and accessories and a 24% decrease in online searches for Scandinavian décor.

Dayna Isom Johnson, the Etsy trend expert, gave insight into the increased popularity of dark wood in home décor, stating, “Darker woods create a sense of warmth and coziness into a space while also providing a touch of character and sophistication to a room.”

Paper Lighting

What’s old is new again. Paper lighting of all sizes is playful yet practical, and online shoppers are taking notice. Etsy saw an 85% increase in online searches for hanging paper lanterns, a 61% increase for rice paper lighting, and a 24% increase for paper floor lamps. Their unique ability to diffuse light and create a warm atmosphere will help paper lighting stay on trend for the remainder of the year.

Rugs With Personality

Handwoven rugs of all different colors, styles, and textures saw a 401% increase in online searches on Etsy. Custom rugs saw a 62% increase, colorful rugs saw a 55% increase, and wavy rugs saw a 49% increase. Adding style and personality to any home, rugs are a great way to transform a room by adding texture, pattern, and color.

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